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Cancer Screening

The treatment of cancer has acquired new and unique dimensions. With the advent of technology and research, more and more treatment methods are coming up. The sophisticated medical treatments have opened up new and successful paths in the field of cancer research and cure. Cancer screening, if done at a proper stage, can easily minimize the spread of this deadly disease and help in save the valuable life of the patients.

Apollo Specialty Hospital ranks among those premier hospitals in Indian which offers various types of specialized cancer screening facilities and services. This a part of the extensive cancer care offered in these hospitals. The Apollo Hospitals consist of a specialized group of renowned medical, surgical and radiation oncologists who offer great medical treatments.

Cancer screening can help in preventing the spread of the disease and enhance the chances of total treatment and survival of the patient. Cancer screening can easily detect pre cancerous lesions, which can be easily treated to prevent cancer. Likewise, screening also reduces growth of cancerous cells if detected at an initial stage. Cancers which occur in the external body parts like skin, oral cavity; breast and so on can be easily screened.

Due to recent technological advancements, cancer screening is nowadays also possible in areas like lungs, prostrate, uterus, uterine cervix, reproductive organs and so on. By effective screening, the doctors can quickly come to a decision and start the treatment to prevent the disease from spreading more. According to medical experts, lack of cancer screening has increased the mortality rate among cancer patients. Plenty of patients, who were detected with cancer through proper screening were successfully treated and are leading a healthy life.

No one knows when cancer will take place. It can strike any part of our body. Through proper cancer screening, we can easily detect its occurrence and hinder its growth.

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