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Apollo Speciality Hospital

Apollo Speciality Hospital is the first ISO certified medical center in India. It ranks among the premier health care providers in the Asia Pacific region. It offers the latest medical facilities and services in the fields of Orthopedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Head and Neck surgery, Oncology, Reconstructive and plastic surgery and so on.

The medical team at the Apollo Speciality Hospital consists of renowned doctors, specialized support staff, medical practitioners and so on matched with the advanced facilities. The health care of international standards makes this hospital one of the most preferred medical centers among thousands of people across the country. 

The Apollo Speciality Hospital specializes in providing the best of healthcare to the patients. Some of the well known departments offered at the Apollo Speciality Hospital are:

Neurology and Neurosurgery : The department of Neurology is one of the finest in India. The latest facilities supported by the best doctors help in making successful treatment of various complications relating to the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Complex neurosurgeries are done in the hospital with almost cent percent success rate. Some of the well known procedures offered here are Neuro-radiology services, Neuro-intensive care facilities, peripheral Nerve surgery, Micro-Neurosurgery, Skull base surgery, Pediatric neurosurgery, Cerebro-vascular surgery and so on. 

Oncology : Apollo Speciality Hospital offers 360 degree cancer care. The extensive treatment team consists of world class facilities, group of renowned doctors and specialized support staff. The team diagnoses various types of cancers and tumors and starts the treatment process likewise. The success rate is very high and patients can start normal lifestyle after treatment. The latest facilities of cancer screening offered at the Apollo Hospitals make them very preferred among the patients. The cancer screening procedures are a part of the comprehensive cancer care offered here. This makes the treatment process more effective. The cancer care at the hospital also consists of relevant professionals like medical counselors, dieticians, speech therapists and others. Some of the latest facilities offered in the field of oncology are radiation therapy, Stereo Radiosurgery, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Surgical oncology, Histopathology, Hematology and so on. 

Orthopedics :The latest technologies and facilities at the Apollo Speciality Hospitals department of Orthopedics can heal various types of complications ranging from fractures to critical surgeries. In addition to renowned doctors and paramedical experts, the orthopedics department also consists of professionals who specialize in rheumatology, emergency medicine, traumatology, rehabilitation and pain management. Some facilities offered here are High Flexion Knee Replacement, Arthoscopic Shoulder Surgery, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, and Tumour Mega-Prosthesis. 

Brain and Spine Surgery : The contemporary facilities and services at Apollo Speciality Hospital have led to high percentage of success rates in the fields of brain and spine surgery. The teams of expert medical professionals along with the latest technologies have successfully performed critical and complex surgeries in various parts of the

brain and the spine. Some of the facilities offered are Micro-neurosurgery, critical spinal surgeries, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Stroke prevention, skull base surgery, surgery for severe head injuries, spinal cord tumor treatments, Vertebroplasty, Neuro-rehabilitation surgery and so on. 

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery : The department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Apollo Speciality Hospital ranks among the best in the country. Plastic surgical procedures with the latest facilities can very effectively treat complications like birth defects, soft tissue deformities, tumors and so on. In addition to the advanced cosmetic facilities, other services like counseling, diet and nutrition advice and assessments are also offered here.

Prostrate Care : The advanced facilities and services at Apollo Speciality Clinic very effectively treat various prostrate related problems an also prostrate cancer. The team of expert doctors and medical practitioners make a detailed analysis of the patients condition and likewise start the treatment procedures. Apollo Speciality Hospitals offers the latest facilities in Brachytherapy and other treatments. 

In addition to these, Apollo Speciality Hospital also offers post hospitalization services like transportation, counseling, diet regulation, post hospital care and slots more. The cutting edge medical facilities along with the help of the support staff make it a great medical center in India.

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