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Artemis Health & Wellness Program


To help the patients to live post-operative healthy life, the Artemis Health Institute also runs health and wellness program under which patients are provided with medicine, diagnostics, diet plan and healthy life pattern. It also includes regular exercise, meditation and yoga practices that encourage the patients to live their life in a healthy manner. The disease specific and patient specific health and wellness programs help the patients to recover quickly and enjoy a healthier life after the treatment. The group of specialists in Artemis Health Institute developed these programs and treatments after considering various problems that a patient may face. There are also special programs developed for knee and joint problems so that people of all age group can live their life to the fullest extent.

Health Check Programs at Artemis Health Institute

  • General Health Checks
  • Health Check for Man & Woman (Less than 40 years)
  • Health Check for Man (More than 40 years)
  • Health Check for Woman (More than 40 years)
  • Heart Check
  • Diabetic Check
  • Cancer Screening (Male)
  • Cancer Screening (Female)

This multi-specialty hospital also offers customized health checkups for various groups and also offers pre-employment checks for corporate.

Lon-term Care and Rehabilitation Programs at Artemis


For patients who have gone through serious injuries and major surgeries, Artemis also offers special rehabilitation programs for them as this helps them in returning back to their normal lifestyle in a less period of time. Comprehensive rehabilitation services based on latest techniques and personal care is being offered to the patients by the expert team of physicians so that patients can savor the happiness of life with a healthy body and a sound mind. The two exclusive physical therapy offered in Artemis include-

  • Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Problems
  • Physical Therapy for Neurological Problems

Training and Quality Control at Artemis

The entire focus in Artemis is on providing high-end medical services to the global patients. The institute takes special care to ensure that every person involved in patient care right from the nursing staff to the housekeeping people and from security personal, paramedics to the doctors follow the international protocol of patient care in Artemis. A proper in-house training is provided to each and every staff so that they can offer a better service to the patients. The welcoming ambience and courteous staff in Artemis Health Institute help the patients to recover in a rapid pace.

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