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Blood Transfusion Center


In a variety of medical conditions, the blood transfusion procedure is used to replace lost components of the blood. Thus receiving blood products into one's circulation intravenously is known as blood transfusion. In the earlier days such transfusions used whole blood, but in the modern time only components of the blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, clotting factors and platelets are used in the medical science practices. The Blood Transfusion Center at Artemis is the first center in South East Asia to adopt universal leucodepletion in a routine practice. The center also has the provision for individual donor nucleic acid testing (ID-NAT) which is one of its kinds in India. To deliver high-end clinical practice, the blood transfusion is done under the strict supervision of dedicated and highly trained medical professionals.

To make this whole procedure effective and safe, the blood sample of the donor is being tested on various levels. The services offered in this multi-specialty blood transfusion center at Artemis include- 


It is a procedure through which the transmission of white blood cells (WBC) is minimized in transfused blood. Most international standard blood transfusion centers apply this method for a safe and beneficial transfusion of blood. The white blood cells are recognized by the medical science practitioners as the most common contaminant in the blood that may become the major cause of various adverse effects such as-

Febrile Non-hemolytic Transfusion Reactions- It is one of the most common problems that patients face after transfusion of blood. It may cause fever and leads to stopping of the transfusion.

Transmission of Cytomegalovirus- The white blood cells may transmit viral infections such as Cytomegalovirus into the body of the patients causing serious complications in newborns and immunocompromised patients.

Refractoriness to Platelet Transfusions- Patients who are greatly dependent on blood transfusion may face grave difficulties because of platelet refractoriness. In the blood transfusion center at Artemis Health Institute, leucodepletion is done with extreme caution so that patients can enjoy a safe transfusion of blood.

Individual Donor Nucleic Acid Testing

Artemis Health Institute, individual donor nucleic acid testing (ID-NAT) is done on the donated blood to improve the safety of blood transfusion by reducing the chances of transmission of HIV, hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV). With the help of most advanced methods, ID-NAT is done that reduces the window period by looking for viral DNA or RNA even before antibodies are formed. This helps Artemis detect the infection at an early stage which sometime become impossible with routine screening tests in most of the blood banks.

Blood Component Therapy

Artemis is one of the very few centers that perform blood component therapy in which the living and non-living parts of the blood are separated and stored. Under this method, only the portion of blood required by the patient is administered; this minimizes the risk of transfusion and allows efficient use of a donated whole blood unit.

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