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Kidney Transplant at Artemis Hospitals

Humans do not need two kidneys to live, as one kidney can efficiently performs the tasks of both. Much like limbs, eyes, ears, lungs, reproductive parts, it is possible that kidneys formed as a pair due to symmetrical evolution of the organs. Humans may have adapted to develop two kidneys, due to the vital function provided by the organs, so that if one is destroyed, the body can continue to survive.

Kidney Transplantation at Artemis Hospitals @ USD 15000.

The Kidney Transplant package also includes OPD charges of the patient and the donor.

The patient will have to come on Medical Visa.

For kidney transplant, it is mandatory for the patient to bring along a donor from his own family who has a compatible blood group type.


  • 1-day before surgery and 10-day after surgery for the patient and 5-day for the donor
  • Evaluation for the patient and the donor before the transplant
  • Charges of the lab for both the patient and the donor after the operation for 10 days, including Histopathology
  • Post-surgery radiology for patient and donor
  • Charges of OT, Machine, OT/Ward consumptions of donor and patient
  • One dialysis Fee of the surgeon for the patient and the donor
  • Anesthesia for both


  • Patient's stay for more than 10 days and donor's stay for more than 5 days
  • Few medications such as TPN, gancyclovir, IVIg, plasma expanders, blockers, ATG, IL2 receptors including TPN
  • In case of complications in biopsy after 9 days, any corrective surgery requirement
  • Occurrence of heart disease or Invasive cardiac imaging, if needed before or after surgery
  • Cross match and HLA typing
  • If the donor stay's in a room of a higher category, the room rent would be extra

The real cost of the treatment would be decided by the treating hospital, once the patient's complete examination has been done.

For more information on Kidney Transplantation criteria, please read Kidney/Renal Transplant Guidelines in India.

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Kidney Transplant in India
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