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Special Revitalizing Package

The modern life is full of stress and depression and the purpose of revitalizing program is to heal the body and the mind by eliminating tensions and worries. Ayurvedic treatments are given to meet the specific needs for providing optimum sense of balance for the holistic rejuvenation of the body. The aim of therapies in Ayurveda is to promote natural and pleasant qualities in the life of the human being. These techniques rejuvenate the entire system by caressing the skin and kneading the muscles. The Ayurvedic therapies promotes the every side of the human being whether it is related to mental, physical or spiritual awakening. The different Ayurvedic treatments are Gandharva, Pizhichil, Udvartna and more.


Different Ayurvedic Treatments 

  • Pizhichil Treatment : Pizhichil treatment is the main treatment offered which is intended to cleanse the body by the means of hot steam and herbal oils. This treatment works on improving the circulation of the blood in the whole body.
  • Gandharva Treatment : In this the energy of both your mind and body and the crystal singing bowls awaken the lost vitality of the patient. 
  • Udvartana Treatment : This therapy exfoliates and stimulates the skin muscles for better movement of the blood. The different Ayurvedic medicines will drastically reduce the liquid preservation of the patient so that he feels more energetic and relaxed.
  • Shirodhara Treatment : It is designed to induce a deep relaxing state with the help of warm oils over the forehead targeting the intuitive energetic center of the body. 
  • Marma Junctions : This therapy involves the intersection point between the body, mind and emotions with the help of circular touches that will stimulate specific points in the body for producing energy. This therapy heals and soothes the mind.

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