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Weight Reduction Programme

Weight Reduction Programme primarily focuses on the health and good eating habits of the people. The program is designed on the individual basis and addresses to the physical and mental challenges associated with the weight loss and weight maintenance. The continuous over indulge in fried and fatty food results in the accumulation of fats in the body. The program is done under the qualified Ayurvedic doctors who studies the dietary intake and the Ayurvedic treatments required. 


Causes of Obesity

  • Over indulgence in fatty foods
  • Diabetes
  • Irregular appetite
  • No control over the diet
  • Lack of physical exercises

The reasons of obesity vary from person to person and the programs revolves around proper and careful diet management, detoxification and suitable physical activities required to get the desired results. 


Weight Reduction Programme includes

  • The cutting down of excess fat in the body
  • To correct the irregular metabolism
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Following a proper diet chart


Benefits of Ayurveda in Weight Reduction Programme

  • Cut down the excess fat in the body and to correct irregular metabolism
  • Deep dry massage is done with the help of herbal powders and pastes with specific oils and steam baths which assembles the accumulated fat
  • Following Yoga and meditation techniques
  • Nature exercises and walk
  • Following Panchakarma Therapies with a customized diet

The series of personalized treatments and fitness activities revitalizes the mind and the body by maintaining life long weight loss approach.

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