Breast Cancer- The Necessary Details

Breast cancer, the name in itself is very horrifying for a human being. It is that kind of a cancer which originates from the tissues of the breasts that happens most of the times from the inner lining of the milk ducts that is also known as lobulses which supplies the ducts with the milk. It can be categorized into two: Ductal carcinomas (originating from ductrs) and lobular carcinomas (originating from lobulas). It can occur in males also but the majority cases are in women.

Following are the necessary details:

Breast cancer awarness
Breast Cancer Awarness


Most commonly, the symptom of breast cancer is a lump or mass in the breast. Along with this, there are other symptoms also such as pain in nipple or breast, swelling in the breast or discharge from the nipple or redness. It is always advisable that one should get timely checkups done.


The causes of breast cancer are mentioned below:

  • If any of the family members has suffered from the disease in the past then the chances for a woman to catch it gets high.
  • The women in whom the menstruation cycle start before 12 years of age and stops after they are 55 years old, face higher risk.
  • Women who have not been able to borne babies or those who had babies after 30 years of age, face more risk.
  • Being obese or overweight is one of the major causes.
  • Lack of exercise or excessive alcohol drinking are also major factors.
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Symptoms


Staging is that process which is put into use, in order to find that whether the cancer has spread only in the breast area or in the other parts of the body also. The information which one gets from this process helps in the determination of cancer because after this only, the treatment can be planned. The staging of breast cancer  by making use of TNM system is dependent on the size of Thetumor, that whether it has spread to the lymph or not and that whether it has metastasized which means has it spread to other body parts also. Following are the stages:

Breast Cancer Stages
Breast Cancer Stages

Stage 0– This is a pre-cancer or the marker condition, which is either called lobular carninoma in situ (DCIS) or ductal carninoma in situ (LCIS).

Stage 1-3–  These stages are about the breast or regional lymph nodes.

Stage 4– This stage is of metastatic cancer where the prospects become poor.


The main motive of breast cancer treatment:

  • To make the body free from cancer.
  • To stop the cancer to return back.

The kind of treatment that is adopted, depends on the size of the tumor, the extent of the disease, age, other health issues, menstrual situation and personal choice as well. You might need any of the treatments or a combination of different ones.

Breast Cancer Treatments
Breast Cancer Treatments

The treatment is of two types : Local and systematic

Local treatments are used for the removal of destruction of the disease within one’s breast and the closer areas. Its types are:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery, namely: Mastectomy or lumpectomy which can further be categorized. These are also known as breast-conserving therapy.

Systemic treatments are put into use for the destruction of or in order to control the cells of cancer from spreading in the body. This includes:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological therapy

Any woman is susceptible to breast cancer, including teens. Though it’s very rare for young women to be diagnosed with the disease, it can happen. These girls typically have symptoms and signs that go beyond the simple lump. The vast majority of teenage breast lumps turn out to be benign masses that are related to hormones.

The first step towards preventing the spread of this disease is to watch for the warning signs. It’s a good idea for girls to learn how to perform a breast self-examination (BSE) so they can get used to how their bodies feel normally.

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