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Dental Treatment in India

What is Dentistry ?

Dentistry is the science that is concerned with the prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment of conditions, diseases and disorders of the oral cavity, teeth, gums and its associated structures of the mouth. The methods of repair and replacement of the infected or the broken tooth also fall under dentistry.

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Dental tourism in India

There has been a lot of improvement in the field of science and medicine but at the same time, due to these technological advancements, the costs of dental treatments have also gone high. But now the best services can be available to you by the way of Dental tourism. Looking for a similar kind of a solution? Dental tourism in India is the most effective way of availing high quality and personalized dental care. One can have the best of dental treatment at absolutely affordable prices which are at par with world -class quality standards.

In comparison to other countries, the costs are very much pocket-friendly where there is no compromise with the standards of quality. Dental tourism in India has gained a lot of momentum from the past few years as the kinds of services that gets is extraordinary and the cost that one has to pay is not an exorbitant one. Such treatments are very expensive in countries like Europe, US etc but the same treatment and that too with similar advanced eequipments is quite nominally priced.

That is not all, there is another interesting and attractive option too. During the treatment or after the treatment, you can also enjoy an unforgettable vacation in this country too as even the travel cost is also not high. With the kind of diversity that India offers, it is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations too. Therefore, at the same time you can get your treatment done and have a vacation also.

Dental care in India

Dental care has been developed as well as modernized and has been blended along with quality professionalism resulting in a good amount of success. Highly qualified and experienced dental professionals offer a wide range of dental treatments. Dentistry has reached newer and much more developed dimensions.

Dental filling

A dental filling is a treatment which is done to replace the extracted decayed tooth back to its normal shape and function. In order to close the spaces and prevent further decay, filling materials such as porcelain, gold or composite resin (tooth-colored fillings) are used. Besides an amalgam of alloys of silver, mercury, tin, copper and often zinc is also included to carry out this process.

Dental Implant – Each

A crown and one single implant can be used to replace a missing single tooth and its root. The affected single tooth can be replaced without compromising with the health of the adjacent teeth only by a dental implant. Whereas, in other dental procedures dedicated to cure the lost single tooth, the neighboring teeth are grounded down to support the cemented bridge. This artificial tooth root preserves the tooth by holding a replacement of a tooth or a bridge. The dental implants are fixed into the jawbone surgically.


Customized natural-looking replacements for missing teeth are known as Dentures. Unlike the original teeth, these can be easily put back and taken out from the mouth. The most commonly used types of dentures are full and partial. A full denture comprises of a lower denture and an upper denture. The former one can accommodate the tongue and looks like a horseshoe. Whereas, the latter one covers the upper portion of your mouth.

Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration is carried to rehabilitate or reconstruct the full arch of the mouth of a patient. This oral care treatment provides a complete solution for a number of dental problems across the lower, upper or both the arches. The treatment is suggested to improve mouth's functioning and aesthetics for activities like chewing, talking or biting.

Gingivectomy - Full Mouth

Gingivitis is a gum disease which leads to loose and gaps or pockets between the gums and teeth. A gingivectomy is a surgical treatment that helps to cure gum diseases. This treatment removes diseased gum tissue. This, in turn, lessens the pockets thereby decrease the advancement of gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment per tooth

The root canal procedure is nothing but cleaning up of the canals within the tooth's root. The root or pulp of the tooth may get harmed by repeated dental treatment, a cracked tooth, a trauma or a cavity. Root canal process comprises of extraction, cleaning and disinfecting the damaged part of the tooth. This part is then filled and replaced at its proper location.

Teeth whitening

The process of lightening the teeth by removing discoloration and the stains is called teeth whitening. However, the treatment is not the same for all the teeth. Normal teeth undergo vital tooth whitening which involves bleaching of the tooth by applying a gel directly on it. Hydrogen peroxide is a common bleaching agent used for the process. But the normal whitening procedure does not work in case of veneers, caps, fillings or crowns. Under these circumstances, the whitening agent is placed within the tooth. This is followed by placing a temporary filling over it. This temporary filling is kept until the desired shared is achieved.

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Tooth reshaping and contouring are dental procedures done to treat chipped teeth, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or even cracked teeth. These treatments can change the shape, length or position of the teeth at one go.

Tooth veneers

Dental porcelain laminates, tooth veneers or porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, customized shells of tooth-colored. These materials aid in enhancing the look of the tooth. Fixed to the front of the teeth, these shells change their shape, color, length or size.

Latest Technological Advancements in Dentistry

Visiting India for a dental treatment is a perfect amalgamation of modern technology, expertise and personalized care being offered to you. You avail affordable and yet the best of services in dental care while proper hygiene levels being utmost importance. There have been some latest technological advancements in dentistry:

Digital Orthopantamograph (OPG) - This digital X-ray technology is based on electronic sensors and computers which reduces the the exposure of the patient to radiation along with the costs.

Digital Radiovisiography (RVG) - It is the latest X-ray technology in dentistry that enlarges the images of patient's teeth making the process easier and quicker.

CAD/CAM - This technology comes up with various kinds of dental restorations in a quick manner, unlike the traditional methods.

LASER Dentistry - This new branch of dentistry provides quick recovery with minimum pain and swelling during the treatment.

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