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General Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What exactly is Medical Tourism or Health Tourism?

A) Medical tourism or health tourism is the combination of travel and the pursuit of health. Patients, particularly those from developed nations travel to other countries with cheaper healthcare facilities so that they can be cured of diseases and explore the nation thereafter. It is also known as health or wellness tourism.

Ques: Why should one choose India for medical treatments or surgery?

A) India is second to none and its hospitals boast of equipments and infrastructure that is equivalent to the best healthcare service providers in the world. India's USP as far as medical tourism is concerned is economically priced treatments. These treatments are especially cheap for the price at which the medical expertise is offered. Indian doctors are considered among the best in the world and their hands have healed many across the globe. A vast variety of surgeries are also done here. Medical tourism in India thus enables you to explore a fabulous nation, recover in private hospitals, and go back home to use your savings on whatever you desire.

Ques: Is the cost difference good enough to make flying all the way to India worthwhile?

A) You will discover that the cost difference for a large number of treatments and surgeries that it is sure to make up for your air ticket. Your medical treatment including your airfare will cost much cheaper than just the price of your treatment in many western nations. Medical tourism as such serves a dual purpose and you can explore India before or after the treatment.

Ques: How much can I possibly end up saving?

A) By and large patients can save an average of 40-60% on their medical expenses when they choose India as their medical tourism destination. Procedures for obesity and cosmetic surgeries are particularly economical in India as compared to many nations in the west. Dental implant surgeries and cardiac procedures are also competitively priced.

Ques: How is it that medical care is cheaper in India? Are medical standards low?

A) The difference in cost is not because of low standards of medical facilities but due to India being at a different stage economically. The costs for malpractice insurance and other related charges imposed on medical facility operators in western nations are much higher. It is but natural that the patients have to bear the burden of these costs. Medical professionals in developing nations such as India do not have to pay such enormous charges. The medical fee levied on patients is substantially reduced as a consequence.

Medi Connect India works in close coordination with the reputed Hospital. The hospital offers first-rate facilities and boasts of a team of highly accomplished doctors. They use the same instruments, technology, and equipment for diagnosis and treatment used by the best hospitals in the west. Rest assured that you would not have to compromise on anything as high medical standards are observed by the hospital.

Ques: Do the hospital staff and representatives of Medi Connect India speak English?

A) Yes, the staff, nurses and doctors at the hospital are proficient in speaking English. Also, the entire team at Medi Connect India are comfortable in conversing in English.

Ques: I don't speak English. Can Medi Connect India provide me language assistance?

A) You need not worry about any language concerns as Medi Connect India provides translators and interpreters so that your treatment, recovery and holiday make for a hassle free experience. However, do inform us before hand of your requirement.

Ques: What role does Medi Connect India perform in the process of medical tourism?

A) Medi Connect India acts as an intermediary between the patients and the hospital. While the treatment is looked after by the hospital we take care of the details like prescription medicines while you recover, discharge and other formalities, accommodation for your companion and you during your stay, car rentals, tour planning, and other such things.

Ques: How will tourism and medical attention blend in my medical tourism package?

A) Based on the status of your condition you can opt for a pre or post treatment holiday. The treatment/ follow up with your physician or surgeon will be arranged accordingly. Our medical tourism packages are very flexible and you can customize them according to your specific needs.

Ques: How long do I have to stay in India once my treatment is over? Is it possible to go home immediately?

A) The duration of the stay varies from case to case. Most doctors will request you to stay back for a short time for observations and follow-up visits to make sure you everything is in order. Your doctor can give you a fair idea as it depends on the kind of treatment you are require, the days you have at hand, and the places you wish to visit. So recuperate at ease and enjoy a fabulous Medi Connect India.

Ques: How can Medi Connect India help those who need urgent attention?

A) Medi Connect India provides emergency services for patients who need immediate attention. For such patients we offer services such as ambulance pick up in case you need to go to the hospital directly from the airport. Medi Connect India will also make arrangements for registration at the hospital so that the required treatment begins at the earliest. In private hospitals such as Apollo, you do not have to go through unnecessary waiting time.

Ques: Is personalized attention from the doctors assured?

A) Personalized attention as well as privacy is assured to the patients. The concerned doctors answer all your initial queries and interact with you at length once you arrive.

Ques: What are the accommodation options for my companion while I get treated?

A) Your companion can choose from a variety of accommodation options while you recover. There are several hotels and guesthouses where we can arrange a stay for your companion where you may join him or her after treatment. A lot of hotels are located only a stone's throw away from the hospitals.

Ques: What if I change my mind about the treatment on arrival?

A) It is very rare that such a thing happens. However, if you do wish to cancel the trip after commencement, refund would be restricted to a limited amount and that too would depend on the amount that we would be able to recover from the hoteliers we patronize. We do not bear any responsibility to refund payments for unused hotel accommodation, chartered transportation and the like.

Also note that since the payments to the hospital are direct, no cancellation is levied on the same by Medi Connect India.

Ques: How should I proceed in order to get treatment in India through Medi Connect India?

A) Please take a look at our medical process flowchart to fully understand the course of action.

Ques: What about medical insurance? Will I get reimbursed if I get treatment from India?

A) Treatments at the Hospitals are covered by a number of health insurance providers all across the globe. These include Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ALICO (American Life Insurance Company), International SOS and more.

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