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Kidney Transplant at Fortis Hospitals

Kidney transplant is the final or ultimate resort in case of kidney failure or permanent damage to the kidneys. Luckily, such a procedure is available at a reasonable, efficient and effective level in India where expert and internationally recognized doctors attend to the patient within a safe and comfortable environment. Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body that filters the blood from the waste products as well as maintain the optimum level of electrolytes. Give a new life to yourself or your loved one by procuring a new kidney only @16,000 USD (including stay and food expense) and getting the procedure done in the safe and friendly environment in India.


  • The cost include all the Room Charges for the specified period of time.
  • Inclusion of the cost of Transplant Surgery, Surgeon’s Fees as well as all the consumables.
  • Incorporates approval from the embassy as well as Police registration.
  • Contain charges for O.T, Anesthesia and any investigations related to the surgery.
  • Meals cost, including Food and Beverage for the patient and 1 companion. (Only Vegetarian food served).
  • Cost for standard medicines included as per the number of days in the package. Any extra medicine required, which usually happen rarely, would be charged as per the actual.
  • All bedside procedures are included.
  • Complimentary pick up and drop facility from the airport in a cab.
  • At the time of stay in ICU, stay is arranged for one companion in the ICU lounge.
  • Sofa cum bed as well as complimentary meals are provided for any one companion during the patient’s hospital stay.
  • Payment mode by cash/credit card/wire transfer is available.
  • Travel desk and post discharge accommodation assistance according to the budget of the patient is provided by the hospital.
  • All the work ups related to the donation and reception procedures.
  • All the paperwork to secure clearance from the committee, including any additional expense incurred to obtain the clearance.
  • Facility for emergency hospitalization in case of failure of kidney and/or lack of dialysis as well as any complications/evaluation due to/because of failed kidney.
  • Patient’s stay for the transplant surgery as well as stay of the attendant of the donor and recipient ( as per the medical requirement)  


  • Any medications of high value which are used in addition to the ones used normally are not included in the package.
  • Treatment for any unrelated illness or additional procedures other than the one for which the estimate has been made are not included.
  • Any expense for additional stay in the hospital beyond the stipulated days mentioned in the package are not included. Extra charges to be payable by the patient.

The final estimate and course of the treatment is to be decided by the hospital after thorough examination and analysis of the patient.  If Anti-rejection injection is required, cost will be 2000USD.

For more information on Kidney Transplantation criteria, please read Kidney/Renal Transplant Guidelines in India.

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Kidney Transplant in India
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