HPV Vaccines to Check Cervical Cancer in Women

Cancer specialists at Westmead Hospital, New South Wales, Australia have said that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) preventive vaccine can safeguard Indian women against cervical cancer. It must be noted that these vaccines are already provided free of cost to all women in Australia between the ages 12 and 26. Health experts believe that the HPV vaccine would be particularly beneficial in India, where around 70,000 women die annually because of cervical cancer. “The vaccine programme has been very effective and successful and the results have shown dramatic reduction in genital warts, which is the initial manifestation of the HPV infection. Cancer develops in 10-20 years if left untreated,” said Wain, director of the Westmead hospital’s Gynaecological Oncology Unit, who has been invited to India by the capital’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Anupam Sachdeva, senior oncologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, likened cervical cancer to Breast cancer and mentioned that India accounts for more than 26% deaths due to cervical cancer all over the world. Sachdeva also revealed that penetrative cancer was not the only cause of the HPV disease and that handling or even contact of sexual organs could create the possibility to pass the virus. Sachdeva remarked, “It is very important that the Indian government realizes the delay in introduction of the vaccine, which is a primary prevention program. The cost of life years lost, of life snuffed out at 38-39 years age of women who could have lived on until 75 years, is very high. Women are the centre of the family, children are affected… we should also take in the psychological effect of cervical cancer deaths.” Roughly all cervical cancer cases are related to genital infection due to HPV, which is really common in the reproductive tract.

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