LED Bulbs Treat Infant Jaundice in India

Infant Jaundice has been a severe health concern in developing countries such as India, where lack of adequate healthcare in remote areas leads to a high Infant Mortality Rate. To counter this, several companies have developed phototherapy systems with LED bulbs which use much lesser electricity and conventional bulbs. These bulbs stay for as long as 50,000 hours and treat jaundice in infants at a much faster rate. GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has even gone on record saying that its phototherapy system cures jaundice in babies in an average of 7.6 hours compared with 10.4 hours using compact fluorescent lamps, or CFL bulbs. Since their launch in October 2011, GE has already sold more than 1,000 phototherapy units worldwide. Another advantage of an LED phototherapy system is that babies usually don’t develop skin rashes, commonly seen while using conventional phototherapy devices. These systems are particularly useful for a developing country like India which is already facing a severe energy deficit. Dr. Kishore Kumar, the chief executive and managing director of an India-based specialty mother and childcare hospital chain, says the LED units offered by Wipro GE and Fanem are the most effective in treating jaundice in newborns. Dr. Kumar says he has used most of the phototherapy equipment currently available in the market.

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