Successful Pair Donor Exchange in Andhra Hospital

28 November, 2012. Hyderabad. In an endearing medical first, two patients with failed kidneys, swapped their other kidneys to save each other’s lives. The ‘pair donor exchange’ was performed at a Hyderabad hospital on November 7. The two patients, M.M Baig (50) and M. Devidas (44), are both doing well. Incidentally, both had their respective wives listed as primary donors. It was only when the blood groups didn’t match, that the two were paired up for the organ swap. The operation was first of its kind in India. Baig previously had a kidney transplant surgery in 2000 and it’s only since in the other kidney failed last year, that he had been kept on dialysis.

Dr Rajsekhar Chakravarthy, director, division of nephrology at Care Hospital, said: “Our team decided to carry out the transplant surgery since both the donors were willing to swap their organs and we received permission from the state government as well. Both the transplants happened on the same day in different operation theatres.”

Dr Vikranth Reddy, who was also on the team said the logistics were complicated “as we had to ensure the correct kidney goes to the right patient. Both the patients and the donors are fine now.”

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