Fortis e-ICU Implements Antibiotic Usage policy (AUP)

‘CritiNext’, the electronic intensive care unit (e-ICU) of Fortis healthcare, Bangalore has recently launched an Antibiotic Usage policy (AUP). According to the policy, the e-ICU department of the hospital has established antibiogram, a laboratory test for detecting the sensitivity of isolated bacteria strain to antibiotics prescribed for treating contagion. The e-ICU also helps in evaluating nosocomical infections instantly after the patient is admitted to the hospital which in turn led to the huge reduction in unwanted antibiotic prescriptions.

The AUP protocol has led to a monthly saving of Rs.5.5 lakh for the hospital and the patient. While antibiotic administration accounts for Rs.2.50 lakh, the Intensivist charges are Rs.3 lakh, said Dilip Jose, zonal director, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

As per medical experts, improper antimicrobial therapy despite of negative cultures is steady in patients and lack of awareness of vulnerability patterns of common pathogens results in unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics. This is the major reason behind increasing health care expenses and adverse drug reactions. Antibiogram test helps in spotting the perceptibility of bacterial strain to various antibiotics so that they can help in preventing the growth of infection.

E-ICU’s like ‘CritiNext’ are a boon for medical science in broader perspective. There has been 10% fall in severe ICU mortality rates, improvement in patient care and 40% decline in complications and average decrease in the span of ICU stay. While in America, more than 200 hundred hospitals offer the facility of e-ICUs, the concept of e-ICU in India is at a sprouting stage.

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