A 21 year old Brain Dead Girl’s Organs donated to Seven People

Seven different organs of a 21-year-old brain dead girl have been harvested by the doctors at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH) on Sunday morning. The multi organs transplanted from her body includes her eyes, two heart valves, two kidneys and liver; these will be donated to patients who are in dire need of these organs.

The 21 year old Saranya was a BE in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She had just completed her graduation and was about to join a leading IT firm in Mysore soon. On June 29 this year she became the victim of a severe car accident when she was traveling with her friends. Four of Saranya’s friends died on the spot while she was admitted to a private hospital in Erode. Later she was brought to Coimbatore in a comatose state on Sunday. Early this morning, the doctors at the KMCK declared her brain to be dead.

As Saranya died because of a brain death, all her body organs were found to be working properly even after that. Thus the members of her family decided to donate her different organs to the needy people so that they can get back a new life. Dr. V Kumaran, the Dean of KMCH said, “The organs of a brain-dead girl (Saranya) were on Sunday harvested and these would benefit seven patients across Tamil Nadu. Two eyes, two heart valves, kidneys and her liver were harvested. The eyes were donated to the Coimbatore-based Aravind Eye Hospital and other organs were sent to Apollo hospital Chennai ”.

“We lost her in the accident but my family members are proud to donate her organs. We can now be at peace that even after the death of my daughter her organs will help seven different people lead a better life,” said Maniyan, the father of the 21 year old Saranya.

The doctors of KMCH further said that people all around the country need to be enlightened more about organ donation after death so that patients with severe illness can be transplanted and given a new life.

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