Gynecologist Seminar for Early Detection of Cancer in Women

The statistics of women dying from cervical and breast cancer are pretty shocking. The major reason behind upsurge in cancer death rate is the low detection rate in the country. For creating awareness regarding women cancers, the CME seminar was organized by Nagpur Obstetric and Gynecological Society (NOGS) and National Association for Reproductive and City Health of India (NARCHI). The committee of speakers featured highly skilled medical professionals of the city which include gyniac oncologist Dr. Rahul Roy, oncologist Dr. Sushil Mandhaniya, surgical oncologist Dr. Sudhir Deshmukh and Dr. Niranjan Chavan.

Gynecologists are the first person whom women’s meet when changes start becoming apparent in the body. The sooner discussion with the doctor can help in the early detection of the problem. “The early diagnosis rate in India is very bad. In referral centers like Tata Memorial Hospital and AIIMS, the number of people coming in with advanced cancers is alarming. The chances of cure brighten with early detection,” said Dr Mandhaniya.

There are no courses available for early detection of women cancer as compared to advanced nations like UK wherein women undergo diagnostic tests like mammography, Pap smear and are immunized for HPV. Although the conference had their set of arguments that right screening is helpful in detection of 90 to 95% cases at stage one only.

“Most women who come to us have already been consulting their gynecologists for the disease. This makes it important for gynecologists to keep updating their knowledge of cancer. It is important that the women also follow the self breast examination. When done a week before and a week after the menstrual cycle, it becomes easier for women to notice the changes in their breast,” said Dr Deshmukh.

Dr. Vaidehi Marathe stressed upon the fact that the inner inhibitions of women are the major cause behind the delay in getting proper medical treatments at the nascent stage. “Whether it is about unusual symptoms which is an indication of cervical cancer or lumps in breast which point to the possibility of breast cancer, women are a bit hesitant to openly discuss such things even with gynecologists,” said Dr Vaidehi Marathe, secretary of NOGS.

Common cancers which are found in women include Cervical, Ovarian, Endometrial and Breast and the proper care and medical check-up that can help in early detection includes mammography, Pap smear, discussion regarding abnormal bleeding, usage of HPV vaccination by adolescence girls and discussion regarding changes in size and shape of breasts.

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