Delhi Doctor Gave a Second Lease of Life to Kenyan Trader

The curative & surgical treatments offered by Indian doctors are gaining wide recognition across First World and Third World countries and the medical experts of Delhi are certainly ruling the roost in that context. The news of Kenyan trader getting a second lease of life after suffering from vitiligo, a skin disorder, which resulted in mental trauma and social barriers in his life, is one such example of medical expertise of Indian doctors. A 33 year old Gujarati-origin Kenyan trader came to Delhi few months ago to get rid of white patches that appeared on his skin.

A by chance discovery of skin laser treatment on internet has brought him to the doors of Skin Laser Centre ,Delhi. He has recently got back to his home for tying knot after going through a long recuperation process. He also thanked his Delhi doctor in an earnest email for bringing a dramatic turnaround in his life. Thank you for giving me a second life! The garment trader, who is planning to honeymoon in Switzerland, said in a heartfelt email thanking his Delhi-based doctor, Munish Paul The melanocyte cell transplant laser therapy begins with the removal of a thin skin sample from normal pigment area followed by creating suspension of pigment cell and concludes with removing layers of the patched skin and dispersal the suspension on the white spots.

The vitiligo treatment in India costs 1/5th as compared to that in the western countries and is only effective if the patches remain stable and does not scatter. Treatment of a white patch of about 100 sq cm on a patient’s hand would cost about Rs.50,000 in India and about $5,000 abroad, said the Dr. Paul who has treated about 850 patients over the last six years. The major reason behind this skin ailment is the collapse of the white blood cells in the body but sometimes this disease is genetic too. The fruitful results that this newly found cosmetic laser technology generates are phenomenal and have brought a dramatic change in the lives of many people.

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