Brain tumors to be Treated by Landmark Technologies in India

New age treatments using advanced technology are being increasingly adopted by hospitals in India. The Indian medical community is raving highly about the sophisticated machinery that has been introduced for the treatment of complex ailments like brain tumors.

“Using these modern machines for radiation, we can focus on the tumour and yet protect the other portions of the brain very nicely,” Sapna Nangia, senior radiation oncologist at Apollo hospital, said.

Once such technology is the Linear Accelerator (LINAC) which removes cancer by external beam radiation treatment. This medical device emits high energy X-rays on the tumor, destroying the cancerous cells completely. A special feature of LINAC is that it destroys the cancerous tissues without harming the surrounding cells. The machine also has an in-built CT-Scan and X-Ray that carries out investigations in the afflicted tissues.

A typical procedure involving Linear Accelerator costs around 172-175000 INR. This is relatively much lesser than the treatment costs in Europe and North America. With time, more and more Indian hospitals are expected to adopt further advanced medical technologies.

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