Successful hip-surgery of 94-year-old patient

After sustaining an injury during the morning walk in June 2014, 94-yr-old Nasiruddin left with little hope of walking again on his feet. He fractured the neck of femur bone and injured his right hip. His age seemed to be the biggest obstacle in his recovery but after a successful surgery, doctors at Apollo Hospital were able to make him walk again.

In last week of June, he underwent Total Hip Arthoplasty and now he seems to be in good physical condition. Dr. Rajeev K. Sharma, Senior Consultant Orthopaedics and surgeon (joint replacement), explained, “When the patient came to us, he had great pain in right hip and was unable to stand and walk. We performed some tests and found out that it was a case of fracture neck of femur with gross osteoporosis. If such a patient is not operated and made to walk soon, the life of patient is at serious risk because of strong possibility of chest infection, urinary infection and bed sores.’’

Post-examining, decision of performing unilateral total hip replacement was taken. During the procedure, a prosthetic implant replaces the hip joint. The surface of this un-cemented prosthesis contains a network of fine holes, touching the bone, which allow it to grow right into it, becoming a part of the bone. Proper fixation helps the patient in walking just after a few days of the procedure.

Dr Sharma informed that age of the patient, his weak bones and comorbidities (simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases) were the main challenges. “Surgery was very challenging given that he was a very elderly man and had other problems like extremely fragile bones and weak muscles. During the course of pre-operative check-up, all necessary investigations were done. Physician anesthetics and orthopedic team assessed the patient and the patient underwent right Total Hip Arthroplasty on June 24,” he added.

After the surgery, Mr. Nasiruddin is a happy man. “I have gone through immense pain but am feeling much better now,” he said.

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