Successful Kidney and Liver Operation Provides New Lease to Pakistani Boy

A 9 year boy from Lahore, Pakistan was blessed with a fresh lease of life after doctors at the Fortis Hospital, Noida, were able to treat him after successful Liver and Kidney transplants. Amaar Asif was afflicted by end-stage liver and kidney disease, but was successfully treated upon after successful medical treatment.

The team that operated on the young Amaar consisted of 10 surgeons, 6 anaesthetists and 30 nurses – working in tandem in a 10-hour operation which included simultaneous transplant of the kidney and liver in the child.

The patient was admitted with primary hyperoxaluria (excessive urinary excretion of oxalate). Initially, he had to undergo a cleansing process (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) before the transplant to lower oxalate levels in his blood stream.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Vivek Vij, Director, GI Surgery and Liver Transplant at the Hospital, said: “In this case the patient and the two donors are operated in tandem. The child has been in pain for the past five years and had become very weak when he came to us. The kidney was donated to the patient by his paternal uncle while the part liver donor was the patient’s maternal uncle.”

The authorities also added that Amaar’s case was particularly tricky since his compromised immunity status. “The treatment of the child has been sponsored by the Government of Pakistan,” noted a release issued by the Hospital.

“Amaar who is now ready for discharge was kept under the close observation of specialists for nearly 10 days immediately after the operation which was conducted on April 15,” added the release.

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