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Kidney or Liver Transplant Regulations in India for Foreign Nationals

Although there are some legal guidelines to prevent the unauthorized human organ transplantation, proper documentation is a safeguard against any legal harassment later.

As per the rule laid out by the government of India, the donor for the Kidney or Liver transplant will have to be arranged by you from your country.

Medicaindiatoursim.com provides below the details of Kidney Transplant Regulation

  • For kidney transplantation, patient needs to have a blood group compatible kidney donor from family (donor has to be between 18 to 65 yrs) as required by the human transplant act of our country.
  • The donor and recipient will have to undergo detailed tests, which could take 7-15 days (depending on what is found on investigations), prior to transplantation.
  • Transplantation can be done only after the authorization committee approves the donor.
  • The embassy in Delhi will certify all the proofs of certificates and documents of relationship between the donor and the recipient.

We, at Medicaindiatoursim.com, bring you a checklist of required documents for Related Donors (foreign nationals) to make things easy. Click Here to download the Check List for Related Donors (Foreign Nationals) of Kidney or Liver.

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