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Ayur Kshetra

Ayur Kshetra, located in Chennai, is a unit of Institute of Ayurvodic Research Pvt. Ltd. Madras has the major Ayurveda clinic which caters to the different needs of the people. The Keraliya Panchakara works on therapeutic part of Ayurveda in its traditional form under the expert physicians. The area of Ayurshetra works on Sowkya (happiness), Arogya (health) and Ayu (life) of the human being for a healthy life.


The different types of persistent symptoms of diseases like paralysis, asthma, migraine, diabetes, spondylitis, problem related to eye and skin ailments are very well examined and treated by the experts. Many severe ailments which generally requires surgeries are treated with the help of massaging techniques. These severe ailments are kidney stones, piles and uterine fibroid. The Panchakarma (five therapies) is used to eliminate the wastes from the body. The healing aspect of Panchakarma prevents and cures the diseases from its roots. The benefit is to get rid away from the numerous side effects and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To increase the rate of healing of its patients, the clinic provides pure vegetarian satwaik food.


Yoga sessions will help in controlling the mind and prevents diseases and improves the memory power by gaining control over the emotions. The other therapies are Abhyangam, Tarpanam and Shiro Dhara. A complete relaxation is given by the healing soft massage which helps in maintaining good health. Ayurshetra is receiving good response in treating the chronic diseases like Cancer and Fibroids and Cysts. Visit Ayurshetra for a unique holistic experience of Ayurveda treatments for a healthy life. 

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