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Head and Neck Surgery in Ahmedabad

The ENT and head and neck surgery department at the Apollo Hospitals take care of all types of head and neck related disorders and complications. The cutting edge facilities and services along with the expert treatment procedures make it one of the pioneers in the matters of the head and neck.

The head and neck surgery department at the Apollo Hospitals work in coordination with the other related departments of plastic surgery, neurosurgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology and so on to provide hundred percent treatment and satisfaction of the patients. The surgery consists of renowned neurosurgeons, ENT specialists, radiotherapists and specialized paramedic staff.

The Apollo Hospitals offer the latest facilities and services to treatment patients suffering from complicate head and neck tumors, birth related deformities and other disorders. The specialized team or doctors and paramedic staff analyze each patient and formulate a proper supervision and management strategy.

The Apollo Hospitals is credited with providing total head and neck solution, some of which include complex procedures and surgeries. Some of the well known surgeries that are offered in the Apollo Hospitals are surgeries of head and neck tumors, skull base surgery, otoneurology, minimally invasive skull base surgery and others. These treatments have high rate of success with hundreds of satisfied patients.

To make the patients recuperate fully, the Apollo Hospitals offer a range of post operative services like management and rehabilitation services, post operative care, diet charts and so on.

The Apollo Hospitals are committed to providing extensive health care in the field of head and neck surgery.

Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad
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