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Breast Health


The latest facilities and services offered at the Apollo Speciality Hospital offer total care for various breast related complications, tumors and cancers. Breast cancer is very common among Indian women and proper care and treatment can easily treat the disease with hundred percent success rate.

The Apollo Speciality Hospital has been a pioneer in providing comprehensive breast health solutions. The team of specialists therapists, doctors, gynecologists who asses the complications and decide upon the form of treatment.

How is breast cancer caused?

The exact causes of breast cancer are not yet known properly. However, there are lots of factors which add to the development and risk of breast cancer in a woman. As one grows old, the risk of breast cancer increases.

Family history of breast cancer: Around 5-10% of breast cancers are caused through inherited genes and chromosomes. The genes have been recognized as BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. You should consult a breast doctor if:

Your 3 close blood relatives of the similar family side who had breast cancer at any point of their life.
Two intimate relatives from the same family side have suffered from breast cancer under the age of 60.
One of your close relatives under the age of 40 has cancer.
There is a history of cancer in both breasts.

The risk of breast cancer also increases if one suffers from some type of benign breast disorders like atypical ductal hyperplasia, papillomatosis and so on. Women whose period starts in an early age (before 10 years) and women who reach their menopause stage late after 50 years also have high risks of breast cancer.

Mammogram: Mammogram is the procedure that is used to diagnose and screen breast cancer at an early stage and prevent the spread of the disease. The mammogram is done through x-rays. Mammogram is usually performed after women reach the age of 40 years. In the process of mammograms, low doses of radiation therapies are used. The dose is continuously monitored to avoid side effects and more complications. The latest facilities and services offered here helps to successfully detect breast cancer at an early stage and thereby prevent its spread.

Advantages of breast screening

Proper breast screening can help detect breast cancer at an early stage and treat it to prevent its spread.

Breast screening also diagnoses the complications which make breast preservation possible.

Breast screening at times also makes prevention possible which prevents the hassle of hospitalization, surgeries and other complex treatments.

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