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Heart and Brain Scanning

Heart and brain scanning has opened new dimensions in the field of medical science. Through heart and brain scanning, doctors can easily treat various types of disorders and complications with utmost care and precision. Apollo Hospitals offer the latest techniques in heart and brain scanning in order to effectively diagnose and treatment various heart and brain related complications.

The Apollo Hospitals has eased the system of heart and brain scanning by effectively introducing the 320 Slice CT Scanner. This has revolutionized the brain and heart scanning procedures.

The Toshiba Aquilion One CT System has opened up a unique procedure in brain and heart scanning by imaging the scanning procedure of the entire part of the heart and the brain in one single rotation or in multiple rotations. Multiple phase studies with the perfusion of the brain, heart and other body parts are also possible. The technique offers more than hundred percent accuracy and exactness.

Through the Aquilion One CT System, the condition of the patient drastically improves through an extensive range of examinations of various ailments and complications like heart complications, strokes, cancers and other body disorders. Adding to these, the latest facilities in the field of heart and brain scanning can also effectively perform a range of neurological tests and examinations through arterial, venous and brain perfusion techniques.

The Aquilion One CT System used in heart and brain scanning has been internationally approved and is used is world famous medical centers.

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