10 Flat Belly Tips

by Rishabh

Who doesn’t wants to show off a flat, toned belly? It is a goal, many wish to fulfill. However, chucking all the food you love and go on doing endless crunches might not be an ideal way to do it. A trimmed tummy can be achieved by combining a number of small alteration into your daily life. The blog enlists 10 flat belly tips:

Flat Belly Tips

1. Evade Constipation

Constipation can occur when one intakes too little fluids and fiber, and is also into very little physical activity. Constipation in turn leads to bloating.

In order to evade this situation, aim at eating a diet that is rich in fiber- 38 grams a day for men and 25 grams for women- in the case of seeds, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. It is also advisable that one must drink plenty of water, around 6 to 8 glasses in a day. Make it your aim to indulge in at least half an hour of physical activity, 5 times per week.

If you are consuming a low-fiber diet, increase the fiber consumption gradually, combining it with intake of plenty of fluids.

2. Leave out Lactose Intolerance and Wheat Allergies

Bloating and gas can occur due to the food intolerance and allergies, however, confirm this with your doctor. A huge number of people diagnose these problems on their own and without need, shun whole grains and healthy dairy products from their diet. If you feel you have any intolerance and allergy, consult a doctor.

In the case of dairy products, you can consume yoghurts and aged cheeses that have lower lactose levels. If you think that a certain food causes allergy, you can eat it in less quantity or can eat it with other food item.

3. Eat Slowly, Chew Properly

Not chewing your food properly and eating quickly lead to swallowing of air, in turn resulting in bloating. Enjoy your food by eating slowly. Eat your meal in at least half an hour. Take note that digestion starts in the mouth itself and if you chew your food properly, you can avoid bloating.

Another advantage of eating slowly is that if you enjoy your food properly and chew it thoroughly, it makes your meal more satisfying. As per studies, if you eat slowly, you eat less.

4. No Over consumption of Carbonated Drinks

Be it normal carbonated drinks or diet ones, the fizz in both can cause gas in your tummy. It is always better to consume flavored water with added cucumber, lemon or lime. Try to lower the consumption of such drinks slowly on a daily basis. Peppermint tea is another comforting drink that lessens bloating.

5. Eat less Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is also a reason of swallowing air, causing bloating. In case you love chewing gums, you can pop-in a hard candy or can consume vegetables, low-fat popcorn or fruits.

6. Right amount of Sugar-Free Foods

Experts say a huge number of patients who have bloating problem, consumer a high level of sugar alcohol in artificially sweetened drinks and food items. It is advisable that not more than 2-3 servings of such foods or drinks per day is fine.

7. Limit your Sodium intake

Processed food has high quantities of sodium and low quantities of fiber, leading to a feeling of bloating. Try and make it a habit to read the food labels before buying canned, processed or frozen food items. Ideally, pick an item that does not have more than 500 g of sodium. Total consumption of sodium in a day should be1, 500 to 2,300 mg. Pick food that says ‘low sodium’, ‘very low sodium’ or ‘sodium free’

8. Consuming less of Gas causing Vegetables and Beans

You can suffer from gastric problem if you do not eat beans regularly. Same is the problem with cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts (cruciferous family of vegetables). However, you do not completely need to give up on this high-fiber and highly nutritious vegetables. Along with incorporating these things in your diet slowly, you can also consume anti-gas product.

9. Consume small portion of meals frequently

Develop the habit of eating smaller meals more often than eating 3 huge meals in a day. This helps you in staying away from feeling bloated. If you eat frequently, it also helps in managing hunger and controlling blood sugar.

You can have 5-6 meals in a day by consuming only that amount of calories and food that suffices your needs. You can take help from a dietician for the amount of nutrition required for your body.

10. Opt for Anti-Bloating Foods and Drinks

According to studies, there are certain drinks and food items that helps in reducing the feeling of bloating. You can consume things like pineapple, ginger, yoghurts, peppermint tea and parsley as they contain probiotics and are safe.

Listen to what the experts say. Do not skip meals, fast often, or consume water pills and laxatives for losing weight or for de-bloating. If you wish to reduce belly fat, you can do exercise ball workouts or Pilates, also giving you leaner look and stronger muscles.

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