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Natural Home Remedies for a Toothache

by Rishabh

When one consumes more of starchy and sugary foods, unwanted bacteria sticks to his teeth and gums, leading to cavities that result in pain in the teeth. These acid- producing bacteria harm your teeth and when there is a problem in the nerve, you get into serious trouble. However, there can be other causes too such as a cracked tooth, a sinus condition, a gum infection or when a filling comes loose. If an infection touches root, tooth ache occurs.

Toothaches can be of different types, from throbbing to excruciating and at this point you need to visit a good dentist. Toothache is an extremely painful condition and sometimes needs quick attention before you go to the dentist or if his appointment is not available. The blog enlists some natural remedies for a toothache.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Home Remedies for Toothache

Home remedies for toothache:

  • Put a dash of clove oil on the aching tooth. As this oil has bacteria-slaying property- it numbs the affected area and thus has been in use for long. Extracted from clove bud, this oil has eugenol that works as an anesthetic. In the starting it might prick but the result is complete relief.
  • Another remedy is place a clove on the paining tooth that is also going to have a similar sort of numbing effect. Put a clove in the mouth, it slowly gets soften, bite them between the good teeth to extract their oil, then place the soft clove on the aching tooth for around half an hour.
  • In case there is no clove at home, you can form a paste of cayenne or red pepper and ginger. Add a drop of water to this paste, take a small cotton ball and roll the complete paste onto it. Place this roll on the aching tooth carefully. You can also use both these spices separately that will also give you relief from pain.
  • You can also rinse your mouth using a solution of myrrh, a kind of astringent that gives relief from inflammation and kills bacteria. Take 1 teaspoon of powdered myrrh, put it in 2 cups water and let it boil for around half an hour. Strain the contents and let them cool. Take half cup water add 1 teaspoon of this solution to it and rinse your mouth, 5-6 times in a day.
  • You will also get great help from Peppermint tea that has both, power and flavor. Let 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves simmer in 1 cup water for 20 minutes. After the tea cools down, rinse in your mouth and spit it out. You can repeat this a number of times.
  • Take 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution and rinse your mouth with it to kill bacteria and relieve pain if you are also feeling feverish and have foul taste in mouth. This remedy offers temporary relief. Rinse your mouth, spit it out and rinse your mouth with water a number of times.
  • Rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water with added salt for around 30 seconds and then spiting it out. This would cleanse your bad tooth area and reduce swelling. You can do this a number of times in a day.
  • Take a plastic bag, put a small ice cube into it. Now wrap a thin piece of cloth around it and apply this to your aching tooth. Do this for around 15 minutes, numbing the nerves. If you do this alternatively, you will get relief from pain.
  • A wet and warm black tea bag encompasses tannins that lessen the swelling, giving temporary relief from pain.
  • Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that is for ‘sensitive teeth’. If you feel hot or cold food or have the problem of shrinking gums, you get relief from pain. Dentin tissue below our teeth enamel gets exposed when our gums shrink, producing the condition of sensitivity.
  • Opt for a brush with soft bristles, take care of your gum tissues and further shrinking.
  • In case your tooth has broken or a filling has been lost, put softened chewing gum that that place. This will hold the filling till the time you reach your dentist. Do not chew anything from that side where you have bad tooth.
  • Applying acupressure might also give you relief from pain. Take your thumb, put pressure on the back of the hand, at the point where our index finger and thumb meet. Put pressure at the point for around 2 minutes. Please take note that this technique is not for pregnant women. When you put pressure, endorphins is released, soothing down the brain.

All these home remedies are perfect to provide temporary reprieve from your pain before you visit your dentist.

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