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8 Ways to Lower Down the Risk of Heart Disease

by Rishabh

The number of people suffering from heart disease is quite high, mainly due to the lifestyle that is followed here. However, there is a lot that can be done to keep heart disease at bay. Here are 8 days to lower down the risk of heart disease:

Ways to Lower Down the Risk of Heart Disease

1. Improving the cholesterol level

It is advisable that you should improve the levels of cholesterol in your body. The chances of getting a heart disease increase in the case of:

  • Total cholesterol level going above 200
  • Good (HDL) cholesterol level being under 40
  • Bad (LDL) cholesterol level being more than 160
  • Triglycerides going over 150

Cholesterol is not just the one thing which is important as the doctor considers everything in order to check all the potential risks apart from your cholesterol levels. In order to main lower levels of cholesterol, it is better that one should consume a diet that is low in refined sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats.

2. Shun smoking

Smoking has several ill-effects and it is bad for your heart too. It is better that you should quit smoking. Smokers double the chances of suffering from a heart attack in comparison to non-smokers. Even the chances of dying from a heart attack increase.

3. Control Hypertension

We know that high blood pressure is bad for us and so it is for the heart too.  Due to high levels of tension and stress in today’s life, a lot of us suffer from this problem even at a young age, this controlling high blood pressure is extremely important for lowering the risk of a heart disease. One must eat healthy and maintain an exercise regimen. Eating prescribed medicines is also important.

4. Consume a heart-healthy diet

By eating spicy, oily and junk food, we put pressure on our heart and thus it is necessary that we consume a heart-healthy diet. Food items low in fat and cholesterol must be eaten. Foods like vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and other kinds of plant-based items must be eaten and are good for people of all ages.

Fiber and vitamins that are good for cholesterol some naturally from the food we eat. Consuming poultry, fish (especially tuna and salmon) and meat in moderation is also advisable, if you are a non-vegetarian. Setting limits for the consumption of sugar and salt is also necessary as access of both is harmful.

5. Follow an active lifestyle

‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy’, it is not said without any reason. Exercising and being active is important for our hearts. In comparison to those who are not active, people who do not exercise have more chances of suffering from heart disease. You can consult your doctor regarding charting out an exercise program for you as in the starting, it is not advisable to do difficult exercises.

6. Maintain a healthy weight

When we eat right and maintain an exercise routine, we can maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight puts pressure on our hearts and thus losing weight is good for our hearts. Correct weight also meals lower high blood pressure and managing diabetes.

7. Handle your anger and stress

From the stressful and hectic lives that we lead today, anger and tension comes along, but managing stress and anger is extremely for not only health but for our overall health. Getting stressed and angry is normal but if it happens a lot, it only harms the health of heart. Handle your anger and stress to keep your heart in a good condition.

8. Control your diabetes

Being diabetes is a bug problem. If your sugar levels go haywire, you can face a lot of health issue, thus controlling diabetes is an extremely important thing. Along with a number of problems, diabetes lead to higher risk of heart disease. Get yourself checked from time to time and take the right medication.

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