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How to start your Day when Depression is keeping you down

by Rishabh

Depression presents so many challenges. Statics reveal that in this day and time almost everyone at one point of the time or another have faced the mental health hazard. Multiple people face wide-range of long-lasting problems in their daily lives. This includes problems with your relations, work, life, another health ailment or something different. These problems might arise in the face of new challenges or some might have been living in depression for so long that it’s tough to keep functioning. The major symptoms for the one who is living in depression are Hopelessness, Fatigue, Insomnia, Weight gain, weight loss.

How to start your Day when Depression is keeping you down

Although, to live with depression is very tough no matter whatever experiences you are facing. Sometimes to get out of bed can become one of the major cause. You might seek to get rid of this obstacle soon because of diversified symptoms occurred in the body. Insomnia (insufficient sleeping) and Hypersomnia (sleeping too much) are one of major cause for depressions. The conclusion of this stress can be shown up in entire areas of our wellbeing.

Underneath are multiple things that can contribute to it such as:-

  • Not able to achieve your goals.
  • Frustrated too much.
  • Money problems.
  • Physical disability.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Continuing difficulties with people.

What are the inner & outer signs of depression?



  • Unusual activities in the brain all time.
  • Feeling cold and numb.
  • Feeling annoyed and unable to sit.


  • Thinking badly about the world.
  • Losing concentration for a long time.
  • Feeling hopeless and ashamed.
  • Feeling sad about yourself.
  • Feeling scared about everything happening around you.


  • Not caring for the people around.
  • Lost interest in entire activities.
  • Wanting to be left alone.



  • Drinking alcohol and using drugs too much.
  • Less exercise.
  • Unexplained aches and pains.
  • Wanting to change clothes.
  • Eating more junk food.


  • Crying more often.
  • Avoiding going out with friends.
  • Trouble in concentrating.
  • Getting frustrated too much.
  • Worrying too much about work.
  • Bad feel about people who don’t understand you.
  • The problem in making decisions.


  • Avoid talking to others.
  • Shouting at our loved ones all the time.
  • Avoiding parents at the school.
  • Picking fights with your partner.


  • Losing enjoyment of the world.
  • Staying away from unusual sources of strength.
  • Not going for worship.

How variation of depression disturbs your role in life?

You really don’t know how your life changes to the point where you feel harder to expect changes that you expect. The changes in the role of one’s life might affect important roles in your life such as:-

  • An existing phase where you live.
  • Define goals in yourself.
  • Important goals in life.
  • Basifications of the daily routine.
  • Who all are there to support you?

The problems, difficulties and other challenges encounter with these life changes contribute a lot to depression and anxiety.

Some challenging change that you might go through are defined below:-

  • Becoming an independent young adult.
  • Changes in a relationship and official work.
  • Changes in older age.

Useful Tips that can absolutely help you to pull out from bed

Sit Up

You can start your day with the basic routine. Just try to sit up, push up the pillows, extra pillow stashed nearby to prop yourself up. Alternatively, sit up get closer to getting up, start your day.

Start thinking about breakfast

Have you thought about the delicious breakfast which you want to have? Eat mouthwatering food what you like to have such as eggs, bacon, French toast or any other breakfast which you want to have.

If you are experiencing loss of hunger from depression. Still, think about eating something you like the most in the morning or slice of bread that will surely support you to get out of bed. If you want to take medication in the morning it’s really a good idea to have something in your stomach.

Try an alarm to woke up

Return back to a classical alarm that could help you to get out of bed. Set-up positive ringtone or song which makes you feel positive to wake up. Even more, you will try to set multiple alarms in this scenario but don’t worry just wait for the third alarm and you will probably feel up like “I AM UP”.

Try to focus what’s around you

Consider writing something you feel like that will be grateful for every day. Reminding yourself about positives in life can start your day with more energy and can surely help to feel better. If you have any pets try to get focus which might give you great motivation for waking up in the morning.

Get yourself motivated with routine

Give yourself a time to get refreshed or check your email and start your day with a normal routine. Be assured that you are not utilizing mobile phone all morning in bed. Give yourself a timely routine and you will definitely enjoy if you start your day to get up. Below are few preventions to get out of depression soon:-

  • Have a cup of tea or coffee for time.
  • Enjoy small facts.
  • Do meditation and yoga stretches.
  • Treat your mind in a more peaceful way.
  • Have your breakfast while listening to some kind of motivational music.
  • Learn to enjoy morning self-care which you will help to manage your depression.

How to ask someone for help in depression?

There can be circumstances when you might feel scared to talk to your loved ones about depression. Probably, you might have a fear that brings up your worries they will get angry or ignore your concerns if you talk about depression. Just be a good listener to get a solution for the one who is suffering from depression. Often, the modest act of talking to someone face to face can be a huge massive help to get solutions swiftly. Encourage yourself by listening to people who talk about their feelings, willing to listen without judgment. You may need to express your concerns and willingness listened over again.

Are you afraid to ask for help from someone?

If your depression has turned out to an extreme level of point don’t be afraid to ask help from your friends. Do you have someone who always listens to you? Be calm and ask them to be a part of your routine. If you live with someone ask them to help you, sit with them in the morning talk to them and make sure you are out of bed as soon as they leave for their personal work. Most people are concerned but you really don’t know due to mentally stressed in the mind. Acknowledge everything by giving them enough time to share your mental health history with them. It’s hard to ask help for initially you are not a burden for those whom you love or care or likely to help.

Most people are compassionate and open to help. You don’t have to share your entire mental health history for them to understand something is going on. Just acknowledging it’s a difficult time can be enough.

How to adjust your current treatment plan?

Some another form to get rid out these can be concern from a mental health professional. They can assist with medications, techniques or any other alternative therapies. Similarly, if you are still unable to get out of bed in your day to day activities it is advised to switch out the current treatment plan. Probably, in this scenario, there can be few conditions where you might consult a mental health professional.  Don’t be shy in talking to the doctor, discuss adjusting dosage or timing when you take them accordingly. For example, if medication is activating your doctor might recommend to take it first in the morning. This will surely help you to avoid insomnia.

How to solve depression problems with superlative opportunities?

  • Define the problem- First and most important step is to clearly understand the concerns which you are facing. Sounds Good! For all key to success. Take a pen to start writing down problems you currently face in your notepad. Pick out the problem you can tackle in a couple of weeks make it simple for the first time.
  • What is happening?
  • When does it happen?
  • Where does it happen?
  • Who is involved?
  • Why is it a problem for you?
  • Seek for solutions- One clearly defined problem is to look out solutions for the problems you have faced. Use the worksheet to list entire ways and get positive ideas to write them up.
  • Pick up solutions- Now pick up the solution which you think is more efficient by using the workbook to help you. If you have troubles in picking up the best solution just try working and obtain motivational solutions.
  • Draft a plan- In the end, it is the time to make a plan to put your chosen solutions into practice. You should plan an answer to get rid of the above set of questionnaires:
  • What steps you are willing to take?
  • What do you acquire to get help?
  • What is the final date for completing tasks?
  • How to know difficulties has been fixed?

Now, it is time to get your plan into action and reach up target date to review plan. Think for the solutions to get rid of as soon as possible.

There are some treatments that can surely help you


  • Consult psychiatrist who may suggest medication for your depression.
  • Don’t be shy while asking so many questions.
  • You should be aware of the medications they suggest.
  • Right medication can be very helpful in keeping in mind reduction of depressions and anxiety.
  • An affection of mood can be reduced with help of professional support who serve themselves in best in this industry.
  • Counselor or psychologist can probably help you with all questions running inside your mind.

Subsequently, it might consume time to find an upright medication that suits for you. It can also take a couple of weeks for some medication to work. You should definitely talk to a doctor before you stop taking medication. You might feel doctors aren’t right for you, but neglect your thinking and consult a doctor. The side effects of discontinuing unexpectedly can include anxiety, insomnia, vivid dreams, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, irritability, flu-like symptoms, nausea, and return of symptoms.

Talking therapies

It basically involves talking to someone about your problem. They will spend some time understanding your situation and work with you on the right therapy suited. You will find the newest ways to approach your challenges. This can include practical action plans or some positive techniques.

  • Try to change your behavior and ways of behaving for a long lasted time period.
  • Listen to the concerned person try to change your mood accordingly.
  • Be open and honest, if you want to get rid of depression as early as possible.

If depression occurs, what to do for prevention?


Feel good about you in your day-day activities try to maximize good things you do for your body. Re-try to make sure you eat well, keep physically active and limit alcohol. Just try to keep yourself change and keep on doing it for making a part of your every day’s life.

  • Make regular trips to a place that makes you feel perfect.
  • Go for regular walks with a friend.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Get eight hours sleep minimum at every night.
  • Keep taking your medications as described.


Multiple things contribute to mental health covering your thoughts, feelings, noticing how you react what’s going around you. Remember good things in your life and express your feelings thoughts as it is very important.

  • Write down one thing in a notebook that helps you with your depressive thoughts.
  • Spend some time working in the garden.
  • Maintain a good life balance.
  • Don’t let work to stop you, doing things you enjoy.
  • Keep a list of people where to go for help.


Your relationships with friends and other people in life are important to your wellbeing. They try to keep connected to your identity.

  • Take up something you have always wanted.
  • Join a class or group such as cooking, weaving, and netball.
  • Audit for local courses.
  • Setup regular contacts with friends.
  • Volunteer at a local organization.
  • Go traveling all around to get relief.


Multiple things can contribute to your spiritual health where you can get your faith or religious groups.

  • Find a spot to feel peace.
  • Make regular trips.
  • Learn other languages.
  • Walk up on the beach.
  • Read some spiritual texts.
  • Meditation.

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