Top 10 Tips Before and After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is the most common kind of weight loss surgery, and thus it can be one of the most important events in a person’s life. As this is a permanent option, therefore, it is important that one is mentally as well as physically prepared for it. If one is already well-prepared the recover becomes much easier, also helping in quicker transition into new lifestyle as well as eating habits.


Before the surgery:

  • Carry comfortable loose clothes to the hospital– After the surgery, you will experience discomfort in bending and moving your body. Thus, it is important to carry loose clothes so that you do not feel irritation in the staples or stiches in the abdomen area, due to your wrong choice of clothes. While you pack some of such clothes for the hospitals, do keep comfortable clothes at home also. In other words, your wardrobe should comprise of comfortable clothing for the hospital, the home and for work.
  • Buy easily slip on shoes– Instead of difficult shoes, just wear slip on shoes so that you do not have to bend down to wear them.
  • Transition clothing and shoes can be important– It is not always necessary that you have the time to buy well-fitted clothes. Thus it is necessary that you prepare some of your old clothes and shoes for yourself. The amount of weight loss after surgery is drastic, and the new clothes that you just bought, might also turn out to be ill-fitted. Therefore, get your hands on new clothes only when the rate of weight loss is not dramatic.
  • Get your hands on multivitamins– After the surgery, it is difficult to get nutrition straight from the food. You can consult the doctor for those multivitamin tablets, which are going to suit your body.
  • Keep over-the-counter pain medicines handy- If and when your prescribed pain-relief medicine runs out, you can consume regular strength-giving medicine like Tylenol.
  • Shun smoking– Smoking can be a major cause of post-surgery complications. In most of the cases, the surgeons refuse the surgery if there is nicotine in the system of the patient. Shun smoking around 2 to 4 weeks before the state of surgery.
  • Ask someone to help you in the house for may be first two weeks– This is not a small surgery, therefore, you are going to need someone to help your out physically and do some necessary things in the house like cleaning, washing clothes, etc.
  • Store-up your house –  As you won’t be able to go shopping even for daily routine stuff, it is necessary that you make a list of all the necessary items which you are going to need in the first few weeks. This list must include sugar-free jello, clear soups, clear liquids, small food containers, which are going to have smaller portions of food along with protein powder. You can also prepare some post-surgery meals and freeze them by making small portions for yourself. This food must be low in sugar and fat, and must contain nutritional value.
  • Proper nutrition is important before surgery– Before the surgery, eat nutritional food so that your body gets ready for the surgery and also for the recovery period. Your diet must include fresh vegetable and other food items with lots of proteins in them. By doing so, you will also be able to keep your body in healthy state before the surgery.
  • Get complete knowledge about the surgery – Gastric Bypass Surgery is not a small operation. Therefore, it is necessary that must have all the knowledge about the procedure and what happens afterwards. You can also talk to someone who had undergone this surgery in the past. There also are several online support group for the same.

After the Surgery:

  • Necessary nutrition through vitamins supplements – As you are going to eat less amount of food after the surgery, it is important that you take vitamins for staying healthy. This might continue for the rest of your life so making it a routine is only going to help you.
  • Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water on a daily bases– because of reduced size of the stomach, this can be a tough task for you. Nevertheless, this is the amount of water your body requires. If you do not consume water, you will experience dryness in the skin, hair loss, problem with the eyesight and similar other problems.
  • Food with high sugar and fat is a complete no-no – After the surgery, it is ideal to eat meals with food that do not have high sugar content and also have low calories. Fatty and sugary food can cause dumping syndrome, which causes abdominal cramps and vomiting.
  • Avoid drinking large amounts before food – Do not drink liquids before meal time for avoiding feeling food. Eating complete meal is important for your nutrient portion. Drink water at least 40 minutes before the meal and around half an hour after the meal.
  • Completely avoid alcoholic and carbonated drinks – Filled with unnecessary calories, soda and alcohol can upset the stomach and thus are not recommended because of new structuring of small intestine and stomach. You can discuss about the consequences with your doctor.
  • Talk to doctor before any medication – After the surgery is done, do not forget to consult your doctor before taking any medicine as there are a number of medications, which can cause nausea, thereby slowing the recovery process.
  • Regular exercise is important – Walking and little exercising is extremely important for you. If you will keep sitting for longer hours, your muscles will get stiffened. Also, you will lose weight quicker by exercising. Start with walking in your verandah and as your exercising capacity slowly increases. Once you will lose weight, exercising is going to be easier for you.
  • Listen to the signs of your body– Avoid overeating. You must eat only when you are hungry. Stop eating when you starting feeling full. During the first few weeks after the surgery, your meals would be in very small portions, like 1/4 cup of food per meal. Then after a few months, the capacity increases 1 cup of food per meal. Eating more might not even be good for you. After the surgery, eating some kinds of meals is going to be tough for you.
  • Be prepared for some displeasures – It might happen that your weight might become stagnant or you might gain a few pounds, this means that change is needed in your routine. Just think about the kind of food you are eating, the quantity of food that you are eating and the amount of food that you are eating. There is no need for you to panic at all. Try and change your routine for good. Even after all this, your weight is gaining for more than some weeks, you can talk to the doctor to bring your life back on track.
  • Being realistic is needed – Gastric Bypass Surgery is not going to change your life on its own, as it is only one of the tools and not the sole solution for your problem. It is very necessary that that you must exercise regularly, eat the right amount of food, and know your body type.

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