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Kidney Transplant at Columbia Asia Hospitals

Human bodies are extremely adaptable. Many organs in the bodies are available in pairs. Limbs, lungs, reproductive organs and even kidneys are present in a pair. Even one fails one can still function and keep you healthy. A kidney transplant means sharing a healthy kidney from a donor.

The Columbia Asia Hospitaloffers Kidney Transplant packages

  • Work-up for donor and recipient: USD 6000
  • Kidney transplant procedure: USD 12000

Patients have to come to India with a Medical Visa for evaluation of chronic kidney disease.

The patient must bring in a donor (a family member) with compatible blood group.


  • Dialysis on an outpatient basis for 3 weeks before the surgery (max. HD 10 sessions included in package)
  • Evaluation work-up for patient and donor
  • Pre-operation tests for both the patient and the donor
  • Transplant work-up for the patient and the donor
  • 7 days of hospital stay for both donor and recipient 
  • Cost of surgery (Nephrectomy of the donor and Transplant surgery for the patient)
  • Immunosuppressives like Tacro or Cyclosporine and MMF for one month and also steroids and antihypertensives.
  • Room charges (for the specified period)
  •  Consumables, Surgery & Surgeon's fees
  • O.T. charges
  • Anaesthesia charges
  • Routine medicines for the number of days as per the package offered.
  • Food and Beverages for the patient.


  • Rituximab is now used for induction at 100mg single dose
  • ATG and Simulect or Rituximab will cost additional. Simulect is not compulsory and ATG also is used in rejection treatment
  • In special cases where DSA cross match positive or persons going for second or third transplant using SIMULECT or ATG induction. This is NOT included in the package
  • Accommodation outside the hospital (serviced apartment, close to the hospital)
  • Transport within the city (auto/taxi to & fro from the guest house to the hospital)
  • Food and Beverage
  • Communications
  • Post discharge medicines after 1 month

The exact Treatment plan and cost will be calculated after the clinical evaluation by the Doctor here at Columbia Asia Hospital.

A kidney transplant decision will be approved by a panel of doctors and specialists.

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Kidney Transplant in India
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