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Frequently Asked Questions about Apicoectomy

Ques: What is apicoectomy ?

Apicoectomy is a surgical treatment for the removal of the upper part of a dental root and also the pathological process, granuloma or a cyst.

Ques: In what all cases are  surgeries required ?

The surgical process of apicoectomy is required for the treatment of any kind of dental complication with necrotic pulp such as inflammations and granuloma, but it can also be needed in case there is a chance for revitalization of the teeth.

Ques: How long will the process of apicoectomy take ?

The process takes somewhere around 20 to 60 minutes but the duration primarily depends on the position of the teeth as well as the structure of its roots.

Ques: Is this surgery painful ?

The surgery is completely painless as it is done under local anesthesia.

Ques: When can a patient return to his normal activities ?

In most of the cases, the patients return back to their normal activities the very next day after the surgery. Your dentists can give you a better estimate about this.

Ques: How can one decide that the surgery will be successful ?

A dentist suggests a surgery one when he feels that it is the best option for you but there is no guarantee in any surgical procedure. You can have a discussion about the chances of success.

Ques: Do the gums recede after an apicoectomy ?

No, in most of the cases gum recession does not happen and if it happens, it is very little.

Ques: When should one re-visit a dentist after an apicoectomy ?

Pain and swelling stays till 3-4 days after the surgery but if a patient feels excruciating pain and swelling even after 3-4 days then he should better pay a visit to his dentist.

Ques: After an apicoectomy, can the infection come back ?

No, it is not possible that the infection will come back. No tooth or nerve left to create an infection.

Ques: How long after the surgical process of apicoectomy, can one eat solid food ?

In the initial days, it is better to drink plenty of fluids. One should avoid hot liquids and foods. On the day of the surgery, intake soft food and cool liquids. Once you start feeling normal, you can return to your normal avoid but for around 8 to 10 days, you should avoid eating any hard or crunchy food item as it can create irritation in the surgical area.

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