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Frequently Asked Questions about cyberknife

Ques: What is Cyberknife?

A robotic radiosurgery system invented by John R Adler, a professor of neurosurgery. A robotic arm is used in the surgery for the energy flow to be directed from any direction to the body. It is a popular method of radiotherapy today particularly in North America, East Asia, and Europe. It is being used for treating tumors.

Ques: What are the condition that Cyberknife can treat?

Cyberknife effectively treats malignant tumors and other benign tumors in any location of human body. There are also uses recorded for treating liver, pancreas, prostrate, and neck cancers.

Ques: How does cyberknife system work?

There are several methods for cyberknife surgery but two main features since its inception has been the robotic mounting and image guidance system unlike other stereotactic systems. For soft tissue of tumors, the surgeons use a method called "fiducial" tracking.

Ques: How is the cyberknife system different from other radiation delivery systems?

In other stereotactic systems, the Gamma Knife is used as the main device for the radiosurgery system. But in cyberknife, the robotic mounting is effective. Cyberknife is frameless. In frame-based system, patients with fragile heads like that of children, frameless system can re-treat the person without the hassle of a frame-based one. Cyberknife also allows larger dose of radiation to flow than of single treatments.

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