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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Treatment

Ques: Are dental treatments painful?

No, dental treatments are not painful if proper techniques are used. This can actually make the treatment, a pain-free one

Ques: Is a dental x-ray harmful?

No, it is not. Latest machinery minimizes the exposure of the patient, resulting in the least amount of harm. It is important to follow prescribed guidelines.

Ques: Can teeth be made whiter?

Yes, the process of making the teeth whiter is known as teeth whitening.

Ques: Is it necessary to have silver fillings?

No, it is not. There is an option of porcelain or white composite fillings.

Ques: Is it necessary to have metal clasps in a partial denture?

No, not at all. There is an option of all acrylic Flexi partial.

Ques: Is it necessary to wear something all the time as a replacement of missing teeth?

No, it is not necessary as implants dentures can also be temporary.

Ques: How can dental infection be controlled?

It is important that one should avoid dental infections by following important measures as they can be dangerous. One should get a regular dental check –up done for timely detection of infection. A diabetic patient should take utmost care as such infections can be fatal .

Ques: What is the starting of tooth decay?

The remaining food particles on the teeth is turned into acid by bacteria that eats the enamel away, then into dentine and finally Pulp. This results in tooth ache and decay.

Ques: What is gum disease?

Bacterias in plaque release substances, harming gum tissues (Gingivitis). When plaque isn’t removed around the gum line, it becomes tartar. The infection slowly spreads to bones and teeth fall might happen (Pyorrhea).

Ques: How can tooth decay be prevented?

  • Eat food with vitamins and minerals.
  • Avoid eating sweet food between meals.
  • Brush your teeth regularly day and night.
  • Get regular dental check-up done (once in every six months).

Ques: What if one accidentally breaks or cracks a tooth?

Visit the dentist without delay who might take an X-ray. After examining , he might put medicated cement on the fractured tooth or may place a band or a crown if the case is serious..

Ques: How is cavity caused?

Cavity is a condition of loss of the enamel surface of the tooth due to plaque or improper brushing. When acid attacks the inner layer of tooth, it causes severe pain. Bacterias spread infection in the inner pulp of teeth, destroying nerves resulting in bad breath.

Ques: What needs to be done if cavities are formed?

The decayed part of the tooth needs to be removed and then cavities have to be filled.

Ques: What if a cavity is left unattended?

If a treatment is not done, the bacteria can infect the inner pulp of the teeth, destroying the nerve. If this happens root canal therapy needs to be done.

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