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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Dentistry

Ques: What is laser dentistry ?

A laser is technological device which  produces a beam of concentrated light bringing in energy into a patient's mouth, thus, sterilizing the infected area and sealing blood vessels minimizing pain or blood loss. This helps the dentist in doing the treatment with more efficiency and accuracy. Laser dentistry is a hassle-free treatment. In many cases, even the need of anesthetic injections is reduced.

Ques: Are lasers new in the field of dentistry ?

After the invention of lasers in the 1960s, their use in dentistry was experimental and were used in limited hospitals. Now after more technological advancements, the use  of lasers has become all the more effective. They are being widely used all around the world as it is a more comfortable process.

Ques: Why should one choose laser dentistry ?

Laser dentistry has two major benefits. One is that, it makes the treatment more precise and accurate for the dentist. The second is that it reduces the pain as well as blood loss, during the process and after it.

Ques: What are the procedures that can be done with laser dentistry ?

There are numerous procedures that can be done with laser dentistry, such as gum shaping, teeth whitening, detection of cavities, and gum reshaping and so on.

Ques: What is the cost of laser dentistry ?

The procedures of laser dental procedures vary in their treatment type, time, age of the patient and so on. Your dentist can tell you better about this.

Ques: What is the recovery time after laser dentistry treatment ?

The time of recovery depends on the procedure type, the body type that how does it heal after any injury or surgery, and so on. But in most of the cases, the recovery time is very small.

Ques: Can a patient with fillings go for laser dentistry ?

Many times, in the case fillings, like crowns or onlays, laser dentistry cannot be performed. Your dentist would be able to guide you better.

Ques: How accurate are the lasers ?

The main reason that lasers are being used in dentistry is that they increase the level of accuracy and also the size of incisions is also reduced to as less as one-fifth of a millimeter across. Laser tools are more accurate.

Ques: What are the benefits of laser dentistry ?

There are various benefits of laser dentistry:

  • A dentist does not use a drill, thus making the procedure less-painful for the patients
  • In many cases, the use of anesthesia is also reduced
  • The user of laser makes the process more precise
  • In comparison to the older treatments, the recovery time is also faster.
  • Reduction in the amount of bacteria in diseased gum tissue as well as tooth cavities
  • Less loss of blood during and after surgery

Ques: Is laser dentistry safe ?

If a dentist is an expert, nothing as safe as laser dentistry is.

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