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Frequently Asked Questions about Reconstructive Dentistry

Ques: What is Recontructive dentistry ?

A) It is a dental treatment for improving the beauty and health of  smile of a person. Basically, any dental process involves two elements, functions  and Aesthetic. Keeping both in mind is an important thing for better results.

Ques: What are some of the procedures of Recontructive dentistry ?

A) This dental treatment covers various kinds of procedures from teeth whitening to repairing, replacing, shaping, straightening or improving the appearance of the teeth and the smile of a patient. Often the issues are related to veneers and laminates, as they have become a popular method of improving smiles.

Ques: Is Recontructive dentistry affordable ?

A) This treatment involves a number of options for patients, which includes easy and inexpensive procedures too. Those who need wide restoration may have  to shell out huge amount of money.

Ques: Has cosmetic dentistry become technologically improved ?

A) From the last decade, there  has been a lot of advancement in the quality qualities of materials that are used in the process, like porcelain and composite resins. Now they look even more natural. After the  introduction of lasers, dental surgeries have become easier and quicker.

Ques: What is Full Mouth Restoration ?

A) Full mouth restoration, also known as neuromuscular dentistry, is the restructuring of each and every tooth. The main idea is the restoration of ideal occlusion (bite), alleviating pain from TMJ problems (temporomandibular joint or jaw joint). The basic idea is to come up with healthy functioning and thus a healthy smile.

Ques: How is TMJ pain caused ?

A) Temperomandibular Join, TMJ is the point that functions the the time of opening and closing of the jaw. TMJ pain can be treated by a number of theories used by different dentists. During this pain, many people complain about neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, sore muscles etc. Reconstruction dentistry works on the basis that after the shortening of the teeth with any method then the jaw over-closes putting pressure in the TMJ. The vertical dimension of the teeth has to be restored or positioned carefully so that the TMJ can work properly.

Ques: What is included in full mouth restoration ?

A) Full mouth restoration includes restoration every single tooth to the best color, length, shape and position. To get this treatment done, first you need to visit the dentist who will diagnose the problem and then the methods for relaxing the muscles of the jaw. Then comes the preparatory stage and lastly, the treatment.

Ques: What should be done for discolored teeth ?

A) If the color of your teeth is a problem, then there are various teeth whitening methods available. After a discussion with the dentist, a proper decision can be taken.

Ques: What is the solution for uneven gums ?

A) The problem of  uneven gums can be solved in a number of ways. Today laser treatment is being widely used as it is painless, quicker, easier and even healing also happens fast.

Ques: How can missing teeth be replaced ?

A) Replacement of missing teeth has become easier because of advancement in techniques and materials offered today such as dentures, bridges, implants and so on. Getting missing teeth brings back self-confidence in a person as well as increases the longevity of one’s natural teeth by removing the stress being put on them. Moreover one’s taste, speech and digestion also get improved.

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