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Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Treatment

Ques: What is Root Canal Treatment ?

Root Canal is a term referred to define the natural cavity in the center of the tooth. It is a medical treatment, related to the dentistry branch, wherein a tooth is saved from getting infected.

Ques: Why do you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is required when the blood supply of the tooth is infected through injury.

Ques: Why does the tooth pulp need to be removed?

If a tooth pulp is damaged, it breaks down and bacteria start growing within the pulp chamber. The bacteria can cause infection which in turn causes swelling, bone loss and drainage problems.

Ques: What causes damage to the tooth’s pulp in the first place?

If you undergo a dental treatment repeatedly, there is a chance that your tooth pulp gets irritated. Other reasons include deep decay, large fillings and crack in the tooth.

Ques: What are the symptoms that lead to the Root Canal treatment?

Some symptoms that lead to the Root Canal treatment include:

  • Severe aching in the tooth upon chewing
  • Prolonged sensitivity
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Importunate pimple on the gums

Ques: What is the success rate of the Root Canal procedure?

It is a highly successful dentistry treatment with over 95% success rate. Many a times teeth fixed with a root canal lasts lifetime. The last step of the root canal treatment  is the application of restoration such as crown and fillings.

Ques: Is a root canal procedure painful?

Earlier it had a reputation of being a painful procedure. But with the advent of modern technology and anesthetics, the procedure has become painless like never before. Pain killers are recommended to prevent post operative discomfort.

Ques: What happens when an Infected Dental Pulp is not treated ?

If an infected dental pulp is not treated, the infection will continue to multiply and spread across the surrounding tissues such as root, bones and gums. The infection could also enter into facial spaces and can cause swelling. Such condition is often life threatening.

Ques: Will My Tooth Discolor After Root Canal Treatment ?

No. Due to the state of the art technology and new materials, your tooth will not lose its color and luster during the procedure. If you have a tooth that has a discolored root canal, go to your dentist. It could be a bacteria that have infiltrated beneath the old filling.

Ques: What Happens if I Wait Longer Than Recommended to Get the Crown of the Tooth Permanently Repaired ?

If you will wait longer to get the tooth crown permanently repaired, the bacteria in saliva, food debris can infect the root canal treatment by entering between the temporary filling and the root surface. In that case, you’ll have to undergo another root canal treatment.

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