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Fortis Escorts New Delhi Senior Citizen Health Checkup

by Rishabh
Escorts Senior Citizen Health Checkup
Escorts Senior Citizen Health Check
(above 65 years) MALE USD 180 & FEMALE USD 190
Pre Checkup consultations: Investigations: Post – Test Consultation:
General Physician Complete Haemogram and Blood Group General Physician
Opthalmologist Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination Dietician
ENT Stool routine and Microscopic Examination
Dentist Stool Occult blood
Psychologists Blood Glucose – Fasting
Blood Glucose – PP
Lipid Profile
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Serum Uric Acid
Glycosylated Hb
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for Males
Chest X – Ray (PA view)
Ultrasound Abdomen
Bone Densitometry
Treadmill Test

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