16-yr-old’s ‘mistaken asthma’ finally cured

Necessary activities like eating and breathing were difficult tasks for 16-yr-old Shobha because of an ailment. Because of poor financial status, Chattu Prasad, Shobha’s father, was not in a condition to take her daughter to a private hospital. Nevertheless, the doctors he consulted informed that Shobha was suffering from asthma. But even after the treatment began, Shobha’s condition did not get better. One day, her condition got even worse and she was taken to a private hospital.

Deepak Rosha, Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospital spotted a hole at the place that connected the food pipe with the wind pipe, which was the actual cause of the girl’s problem. He informed, “While investigating the case, I realized there was excessive damage in the left lung of the girl, which is not usual in asthma cases. We decided to carry out bronchoscopy on the patient, which revealed that there was a small hole connecting the windpipe with the food pipe. This opened intermittently to let in acidic fluid from the stomach inside the lungs.”

The fluid was leading to wheezing and breathlessness that are signs of asthma and was the main trouble in Shobha’s case. The surgery was quite risky as the hole was right on that place where the neck connected to one’s chest. Dr.Rosha, along with his colleagues, Dr H P Garg and Dr K K Pande discussed about the surgery. He explained, “The food pipe was rather friable where it adhered to the windpipe. The most critical factor was that it could have damaged the delicate nerve to the vocal chords.”

Shobha’s surgery was finally performed on May 27. Dr Rosha added, “It was certainly the first case of its kind in my 35-year career. I think most physicians who treated the girl overlooked the excessive destruction of the lungs, which resulted in the hole going unnoticed.” On 19th June, the girl was discharged.

Shobha is now a healthy and a happy girl, studying in Class X. She chirped, “I am absolutely fine now and can eat normally. I have got a new life.”

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