Pakistani Businessman Became Subject for Bone Marrow Transplant from Non-Family Donor

Three months ago a bone marrow transplant was performed on Abdul Samad, 36 year old Pakistani businessman, wherein the donor was a German resident. The bone marrow transplant surgery was conducted at a reputed Delhi Hospital on June 20. It was also the same time when bone marrow was extracted from the body of German donor. Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a disorder where the production of blood cells is low in bone marrow, was detected in Samad’s body due to which his blood platelets and hemoglobin was going down drastically. The procedure of blood transfusion was a transitory solution.

”I was diagnosed with MDS. Doctors in Dubai told me that I needed a bone marrow transplant, and the donor could be immediate relatives, particularly siblings. I returned to Karachi hoping that one of my two brothers or four sisters would have a profile that matched mine”¦ unfortunately none of them did. So I had no option but to find a donor who was unrelated,” said Samad.

According to Samad, he searched almost for 8 months after which he discovered that the non donor bone marrow transplant can be conducted in Delhi. He is extremely thankful to his doctors and the German donor whose profile happened to match with his. ”This is the first time an unrelated donor was involved in a bone marrow transplant in Delhi. These kinds of transplants are generally fraught with risk,” said Dharma Choudhary, senior consultant, hemato-oncology, and director, bone marrow transplant.

After three months of treatment, Samad is now fine and happy. “I’m happy that I’m recovering and I’m taking back goodwill from India. Many in Pakistan suffer from bone marrow transplant issues and they are scared of the high prices in the US and the UK. I have already told Pakistani doctors to refer similar MDS cases to India, because I feel that the best treatment is available at a reasonable cost in India,” said Samad. The surgery which costs Samad around 16 lakhs is ten times higher in U.S.A and U.K.

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