Three Patients Got a New Lease of Life From a Brain Dead Girl

On September 2, when 17 year old Payal was declared brain dead by the doctors of a private Delhi hospital, her parents went on to take the most difficult and painful decision of their life that saved the life of three people. “We decided to donate our child’s organs, and today we are proud to say that she has helped save the lives of three persons and helped restore sight to two others,” says Ajay Mathur, father of the deceased child.

The girl met with an accident in the suburbs of New Delhi on 23rd August and was admitted to a private hospital in the city two days later. “The patient was declared brain dead on September 2 and we harvested her multi organs including kidneys, liver and cornea. While one kidney transplant was done for a patient in our hospital, a liver and kidney was used by Army Research & Referral Hospital, New Delhi, and her corneas were donated to the Centre for Sight,” said a senior doctor from the hospital.

In order to appreciate and felicitate the strong decision made by the girl’s parents, a function was organized by the hospital authorities on Thursday. Speaking at the function Mr. Mathur said “Donating her organs was an emotional decision for all of us. But we realized that our daughter was never going to return, so we decided to help others.”

If recent data reports are anything to be believed, around 1.25 lakh Indians died in road accidents in 2011 but 20,000 went ahead to donate their body organs to save the lives of the people wanting for donors. “In India, nearly 14 people are involved in fatal accidents every hour. Of these, one brain dead person could save 7-8 lives, which can overcome the shortage and prevent illegal activities of organ use,” said Dr. Sunil Prakash.

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