IPhone Turns E-Doctor for Skin Cancer Detection

Till now smart phones was only a mode of clicking pictures, making videos, setting alarm and surfing on net but this perpetual technological advancement in the field of smart phones has turned it into an e-doctor as well. An expert team of scientists at University of Michigan has invented a new iPhone application in order to help people detecting a potential skin cancer.

The UMSkinCheck application aims at helping people with a self diagnosis process of detecting possibilities of skin cancer in a simpler and cheaper way. For that one has to take 23 photographs of your undressed body in seven different poses under bright lights and later you have to store it in this newly developed iPhone application. These photos will capture body parts such as face, chest and limbs in segment, each of which are more prone to the marks of skin cancer.

Besides full body examination, the iPhone application encompasses various methods that are useful in the cancer survey of the body. As per the report of an online portal, “You can do a self-exam, where it guides you through checking parts of your body that are most likely to have exposure to sun, a lesion tracker, so you can note if sunspots on your body have changed or become abnormal, and a risk calculator, which asks questions like your race and amount of freckles to determine your chance of developing melanoma.”

UMSkinCheck application basically provides a baseline for further screening by dermatologist. It comprises of a Melanoma tab which give you a brief outline of how a potential skin cancer looks like. There is a sun safety tab that offer tips regarding protection of skin from ultraviolet rays while going outside. The application also facilitates you with online links that provides information on skin cancer and its prevention. The password protection feature of this app is the best part which facilitates privacy for your information and photographs.

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