Efforts of 2 Families Helped 8 Patients with Organ Donation

Two families of New Delhi donated the organs of their brain dead mothers to 8 needy patients within a time period of 15 days during previous month. The first organ donation came from Shashank and Neha Jain (name changed) whose 65 year old ailing mother was pronounced her brain dead by the doctors. The doctors who were treating the lady contacted Medanta-The Medicity at Gurgaon as their hospital was not certified to collect organs for donation. The patient was moved to Medanta on July 20 following which her corneas and liver were harvested. While the corneas were regained by Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, the liver was transplanted to a 70 year old patient who was on the waiting list from past 8 months. The second was Mishra (name changed) family, wherein a 59 year old lady was declared brain dead by the doctors of Medanta. She was moved to Medanta for a second opinion from a private Ghaziabad hospital on July 29. Being a doctor, the women’s son-in law and elder daughter expressed their willingness to donate her organs. “My wife would have wanted this,” said the donor’s grieving husband. He shared how his wife had been desperate to donate her father’s corneas, but had been unable to do so since there had been considerable delay in retrieving them. We are grateful to get this opportunity to do something good in this unfortunate moment.” There are so many patients in India waiting for organ donation and endeavors like such often contributes in saving lives.

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