New Age Bio-Absorbable Stents to Revolutionize Cardiac Treatments in India

Bio-Absorbable stents, the next big thing in cardiac surgery, is all set to make its debut in India soon. The revolutionary stents, which dissolve in blood vessels after 18 months, currently come at quite a premium. “It will cost Rs 2.85 to 3 lakh for each stent , and the entire hospitalization may cost a patient over Rs 4 lakh for a single stent ,” said an administrator from a major Indian hospital. Drug coated permanent metallic stents are available for a much cheaper 1.3 lakhs each. “The absorb able stent may only be used for a few wealthy people in the city .” However , another official later added , “We are still negotiating the cost with the company , because the absorbable stent will be beyond the reach of the common man in India .” This does not take anything away from the impact of soluble stents, especially in complex cardiac surgeries. “It’s the dawning of a new era . From using balloons in the 1970s, we have now evolved to using absorb-able stents ,” said Dr Ganesh Kumar , cardiac surgeon at a leading Indian hospital. He said the bio absorb-able device , in fact , should be called a scaffolding and not a stent . “A stent is a permanent metallic device , while this one will dissolve completely within two years ,” he added . Since the scaffolding completely dissolves in due time, there are no chances of clotting. “So the patients with stents who need to undergo another operation in the future , such as knee-replacement surgery or dental implants , are at risk of excessive bleeding. They cannot risk stopping taking the blood thinners ,” said Shah . The bio-absorb able stents will be particularly useful for younger patients in the 30-40 age group.

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