First of its Kind Mother-to-Daughter Uterine Transplant Carried Out

In a bid to avail two Swedish women, both in their 30’s, with new uteruses, a first of its kind mother-to-daughter uterine transplant was performed to help them in conceiving babies. The operation was conducted on Tuesday at Gothenburg University. “More than 10 surgeons, who had trained together on the procedure for several years, took part in the complicated surgery,” said the team leader, Mats Brännström, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the university.

One of the women got her uterus removed many years ago while she was battling with cervical cancer. The other was born without a uterus. Doctors chose their mothers as donors so that patients have lesser chances of rejection. “Both patients who received new uteruses are doing fine but are tired after surgery. The donating mothers are up and walking and will be discharged from the hospital within a few days,” says Mats Brännström.

As per the recent survey by university, around 2 to 3 thousand women of conceiving age in Sweden are unable to have babies because they lack uterus. Experts say that a post-menopausal uterus could carry embryo when transplanted into a younger women but such women must wait till one year before trying to get pregnant.

One of the patients who lost her uterus duet to cervical cancer said “It feels huge to be able to experience this. We have received a wonderful opportunity, and if it works out it will be a lovely bonus.”

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