First Hospital Mall Inaugurated in Gurgaon

30th October, 2012. 14:40 hours. Gurgaon. The official inauguration of The Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) was held on Monday in Gurgaon. The multi-acre premise is a combination of a multi-brand shopping mall and a multi-specialty hospital. There are more than 18 food and retail outlets functioning in the premises, with plans to introduce many more. “This is a comprehensive institute, aimed at delivering cutting-edge medicine, in line with the best that is available in the West,” said Malvinder Singh, executive chairman, Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL).

Presently, there are more than 450 beds, to be taken up to 1000, and 25 operating rooms facilitating ‘advanced multi-clinical treatments for complex medical problems’. The next developmental phase will see an expansion, both in terms of space and infrastructure. There is also the proposed addition of a health club, a spa and a movie lounge. “The facility has been designed with great sensitivity, keeping in mind the anxiety and stress that patients and their families undergo,” said Shivinder Singh, executive vice chairman, FHL.

“It is the first hospital in its category to have a full-fledged stem-cell lab. We will also offer robotic surgery and organ transplant facilities,” said an FMRI representative. The hospital presently employs 1000 nurses and 450 doctors.

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