Cycroblation Makes Cancer Treatment an Easy Procedure

Breast cancer is a serious concern with women as it makes them lose their breast. Till now, the only method available for the treatment of this body cancer is the surgery but a recent medical achievement indicates that it will soon be a thing of the past. Cycroblation, a new procedure has been introduced to destroy the tumors by freezing them. In this procedure, an extremely cold needle tip is repetitively inserted into the cancerous tissue to convert it into the ice ball, before melting it, leaving the tumor destroyed. The two USP’s of this technique are that it can be completed in just 15 minutes without the requirement of anesthetics. Cycroblation is certainly a better alternative over the traditional surgery method wherein a woman requires to stay in a hospital for almost a week and can leave scar marks. The procedure requires a hollow needle cooled up to -170 Degree Celsius by pumping liquid nitrogen through a set of tiny tubes. At present, 30 breast patients are undergoing this technique on a trial basis. According to the scientists of IceCure Medical, an Israeli based company, maker of this device, it can be used to shrink the cancerous mass to the size of a golf ball. Hezi Himmelfarb, the CEO of The Sunday Telegraph, said ‘There have been attempts before to use heat to destroy cancer cells like this, but that can be extremely painful because our bodies are very sensitive to heat. Cold has an anesthetizing effect, so the patients feel very little pain during or after the procedure. We have developed the system so it can be carried out in a normal doctors’ surgery as it is minimally invasive and relatively quick.” The device has already been approved in the United States of America (U.S.A) and IceCure is optimistic regarding approval from the European market. The scientists are optimistic that cycroblation therapy can be used to treat prostate, kidney and liver cancer too.

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