India-Pak Healthy Relation gets new direction with Inter-country Swap Liver Transplant

India and Pakistan may be two different countries, but they are still the sons of the same mother; the swap liver transplant between two patients from these two Asian sub-continents started a new relation between the countries. Varinder Kumar from Jalandhar, India and Dileep Sachdeva from Pakistan were the patients of severe liver failure who visited  Apollo Hospital in hope of gaining a new hope for their life.

Varinder Kunmar, a 59 year old person from India faced a severe liver failure and thus in the beginning of this year came to the renowned Apollo Hospital. Kumar didn’t find any matched donor in his family and thus finally underwent a swap transplant with Dileep Sachdeva, a Pakistani businessman from Sindh who was also with the same predicament.

It can be called a miracle of God that Sachdeva’s wife Amrita’s blood group matched with that of Kumar while Sunny, Kumar’s son has a similar blood group as of Sachdeva. Thus in a mutual understand, Amrita gave part of her liver to Kumar and Sunny swapped his liver parts with Sachdeva. After a successful swap liver transplant, both the patients got back their lives and searched out new meaning of it.

Expressing his overwhelming feelings, Kumar said, “It’s destiny that we met. Amrita calls me every day and invited me to Pakistan. I’ll go; they’re like family to me now.” On the other hand, Mr. Sachdeva puts his views philosophically, “We are all one, at the end of the day”.

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