NRI Surgeon Pioneers Low Cost Heart Therapy

Boston based Dr. Mukesh Hariawala, a Harvard post graduate of Indian origin will be awarded “India’s Most Admired Surgeon 2012” for his exemplary work on Angiogenesis or growth of new blood vessels to aid healing. The award will be presented at the Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit in Mumbai in September 21, organized by Indian healthcare magazine, Pharmaleaders.

“I am pleased that cutting edge Angiogenesis Therapy will help the non-affording poor patients with heart disease in my motherland India and rest of the world, thus reducing the global economic burden of healthcare,” Hariawala told IANS. Hariawala’s “Triple Heart Surgery” involves the use of laser stimulation and subsequent stem cell injection extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow, thus enabling spontaneous development of new blood vessels.

“Hariawala is the first NRI surgeon to be honoured with this prestigious award for pioneering work on Angiogenesis that will revolutionise treatment of heart disease globally and save millions of lives,” said award committee chairman Satya Brahma, editor-in-chief of Pharmaleaders magazine.

Hariawala is also an honorary visiting surgeon at Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital and hopes for better mobilization and utilization of government’s monetary resources towards raising the raising the standard of living within the rural parts of the country. Hariawala also plans to bring the Ventricular Assist Device or the “Titanium Heart” which can act as a bridge till the time the patient gets an artificial heart.

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